Sunday, September 18, 2005

This is me, squealing like a fangirl because I have been invited to the red carpet premiere of Serenity. No power in the 'verse could stop me from being there. This is so shiny, that I do not even mind that my gracious hostess has pronounced me a Big Damn Knitter and said NO KNITTING at the premiere or after party. The Yarnpirate has negotiated knitting on the train to the premiere, so that will be ok. Cos honestly, dropped stitches all over the place once the shinies start or I might accidentally stab someone while leaping around and squealing.

Speakin' of shinies, the new Patternworks catalog is here and wow, FILLED with shinies. I'm looking at a lot of the patterns and trying to get a feel for what I might like to knit in the near future - sweaterwise, anyway. I know I'm making Skully first - but I'd been thinking about perhaps something fitted next. The problem is, I'm just not loving all the stuff that ends right there at the hips. Why, why with the sweaters that end JUST where your tummy pooches out or your bottom is widest, and why with the broad band of colorwork or big wide cable right there? This, I do not need!!

The cabled cardigan pattern on p. 53 is a very definite possibility. I like the shaping and the design of the cables on the back. I'd make it in black though. Natch. But I'm not sure about yarn, and I'd want to really play with that. I prefer a drapy fabric, not something stiff. Not sure that'd work with those cables. It requires more thought. I like the elements on some where the cables at least run up and down. I like the neckline of Evelyn a lot on p. 22, but again with cable butt. Why cable butt? Just say no to cable butt. I think it'd look nicer with a plain bottom on some women. Like, oh, me. Same thing the Edwardian jacket and the shawl collared jacket towards the front - both are a little too short to look good on me and a little too fussy overall the way they were executed for the catalog, though I like the general idea of them.

I know my friends who sew/design clothing spend a lot of time thinking about fit, ease and design elements to suit their individual bodies. Consequently, they end up with great looking clothes. Knit stuff can be great looking too, when it's well thought out at every stage of execution. I don't want to waste a lot of time knitting something that plays up everything I *don't* like and hides everything I *do*. I think in the case of something like this, it'd really be worth the time to swatch and swatch and swatch some more, try different yarns out and just really think it through.

Also? Talk like a pirate day. YARRRRRRRRRRR.

Dog park knitter.
knitting at dog park?

The power of cute compels you.
throw the ball daddy!


Amy said...

The premier of Serenity! Lucky, lucky, lucky!!!

Stuntmother said...

SERENITY! Oh my sainted angels of Whedon, you are the luckiest big damn knitter in the universe. I envy you. Are you making a Jayne hat to wear?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Yeah, what a Big Damn stroke of providence! Someone offered me a ticket today. After I picked myself up off the ground, I said yes. ;-)