Tuesday, September 13, 2005

so I was watching Oprah today (yeah, I know, but it was all about living debt free and these people all had MORE DEBT than ME so I had Moral Superiority plus there were Handy Tips, so I watched Oprah. Moving on.) and there was a blurb on the news about Bush "taking responsibility" for the massive cluster f*ck that post-Katrina relief efforts became under the watchful eye of his pal Brownie. Thanks but no. See, you can't just say, "Well I take responsibility for that." and have that be okay, you can't just say those words and get off the hook, out of jail free. Because people are dead, like 400+ people. With yet more discovered daily. When it's your fault that someone died and you're held responsible for that?? Usually that involves jail time, an orange jumpsuit, and a well oiled love machine named Bubba who..... er. Right. I digress. Anyway.

I don't buy it. And I hope the American people don't let him off the hook that easy. It would be a shame.

So I got to thinking about yarn and my stash and how much of my stash I'm not knitting up because I bought it when I was deep in the throes of "OOH SHINY!" and not planning, not buying enough for a project, not caring about dye lots, etc. Plus not caring much about my budget. And I'm thinking that a lot of the yarn I bought was a huge freakin' waste of money. I'm wondering if I can sell it on Ebay and recoup my losses. Don't get me wrong, it's nice yarn, but it is unlikely I'll use it anytime soon. So why not Ebay it? Make some room? There's yarn I'd like to buy for projects I am committed to making, but I am not buying yarn until my stash is reduced because Yet More Yarn At The Cost Of Yet More Money is kind of silly.

Planning ahead though, and buying yarn more mindfully, that appeals to me on a few levels, the primary one being, I'd like to be a more conscious consumer and THINK before the OH SHINY YARN LUST overwhelms me and I whip out my pocket book. Because it is seriously SCARY how many filled up stamp cards for A Mano Yarn Center I have yet to redeem and I have very little to show for it except some bins of yarn I'm not planning to use for anything specific.

Yep. Ebay. It's worth a shot.

Also, I have strep throat. It is official. We love this. Did I mention, I'm performing a wedding* on Sunday? My very first wedding evar and I've got strep throat. Yep. Minister Rainy with No Voice is gonna be up there pantomiming at the happy couple while they try to speak their vows. LOVE. IT. Two thumbs way up for that. The universe is a kicky place.

*please note Minister Rainy does not believe that she is a spiritual authority with the power to call anyone "married". Minister Rainy believes that the authority to marry comes from only the people being married. It's their decision to call themselves "married", and she is just here to facilitate this joyful union by conferring some sense of legality, signing some papers and helping them light some joss to the ancestors in an organized fashion. That is Minister Rainy's take on performing weddings and we LOVE the Universal Life Church for making this possible. We'd love some antibiotic medicine so that this will happen as planned.

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