Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The recent arrival of the Zingerman's catalogue prompted a run to Surfas today. Because, when confronted with a catalogue filled with gourmet treats... one has no choice.

I am smug, because I found pomegranate molasses. No, not the chichi kind in the Zingerman's catalogue, but it's quite good and it was affordable as hell. They're evil at Surfas, as they've completely switched around their offerings and the chocolate aisle is deadly. A Naga Bar leaped into my basket but I successfully beat back the Oaxaca Bar by whispering "manana, little chocolatecito, manana..." because I truly do believe that pleasure delayed a while can be very gratifying. They have an entire shelf of Scharffenberger and one level down, a shelf filled with Vosges chocolates. Bastards. Though in fairness, it must be pointed out that it is cheaper to buy the Vosges crack from Surfas than off the website. Substantially. So they're really doing me a favor by carrying it. I tried to fend it off, but then I was assaulted by loose Assam tea and then just as quickly, attacked by a pound of Monkey and Son's Velvet Hammer coffee NINJA COFFEE, which jumped on my head and then nestled into the basket next to the Naga Bar.

It was awful.

Things were a little better at the Farmer's market. I found brandywine tomatos, Humboldt Fog goat cheese, all manner of delicacies like fresh green beans, tender asparagus stalks, delicious baby taters and well, just amazing stuff. For next to NOTHING, I tell you. Though I do think it is spectacularly UNFAIR that my Farmers Market now boasts a cheese man, a hottie selling artisan vinegars, a Greek olive seller, local honey vendor and TWO artisan bread stands. Also? The vingear man has baby corn snakes for sale. Not that I want a corn snake, but, still, that's sorta shiny in a weird thing to find at the Farmer's Market kind of way.

I have food in the house, tons of grocery money left in the budget and I can THROW AWAY the Zingerman's catalogue (I am going to try making my own chocolate figs with local dried figs and perhaps some Scharffenberger) because my need for cheese, pomegranate molasses and other delicacies was assuaged. Locally. Under budget. Phwoar. I rock and the power of my gourmet fu is truly stunning.


Siel said...

I have THREE pounds of Monkey & Son now. Something about the logo makes it just really, really tough to resist :)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I'm thinking that the Velvet Hammer is my fave FT coffee so far. I like itmuch better than the TJ's 5 Country blend. It may become the staple coffee around here and I'm gonna try to just keep a pound on hand all the time. When the TJ's is gone, I've promised myself that I can try another M&S variety.