Saturday, September 03, 2005

No, I'm not shutting up on this one. Sorry.

The Red Cross has released a press statement. They are not being allowed into the city to provide aid.

YES IT IS BETTER TO DONATE MONEY THAN STUFF, but ya know what? If the ARC can't get in because Homeland Security isn't letting them in, then other people rightfully have to move in to take up the slack.

There are some camps and centers being set up now, and they are taking STUFF. Here's some info, via CODE Pink:

Drop Much Needed Relief Supplies To:

CAMP CASEY III, in Covington, LA - Veterans and other Camp Casey Alumni have set up a relief station at Reverend Peter Atkins Park in Covington. Corner of 28th and Tyler in Covington, Louisiana.

ALSO: Mail or Drop Much Needed Supplies To:
Houston CODEPINK activist Madeleine Crozat-Williams
4819 Blossom St, Durham TX 77007, (between Wachington Ave and Memorial Dr. one mile south of I10 inside loop 610)
Today she is doing a clothing drive, the clothes will go to the Astrodome. Call for drop off 713-802-2530 or use UPS to send. Supplies will be driven to Covington.

Baby supplies (diapers, formula, ointments)
Canned peanut butter and non-perishable food
Low fat powdered milk
Fresh fruit
Energy bars
Shelter, camping tents, shade tents
Portable toilets
First aid kits
Clothing and shoes
Toiletries, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo etc.

Via Fox News, people are not being allowed to walk out of and leave the city, the convention center, the mess. The National Guard, our government, state officials are FORCING THEM TO STAY when there is food, water and shelter across the river. Write your congressperson and ask them WHY? Don't believe me? Hey, even FOX news is carrying this one. First time in my life I've agreed with Geraldo Rivera.

Sorry guys. There's just no knitting content today.


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