Friday, September 16, 2005

My new friend via the blogosphere, Green LA Girl, has turned me onto City Hippy. It is, dare I say it? The awesome. Also, the green.

It's a constant struggle living in an urban area, because you pretty much are not contributing much of anything back to the planet. The water you drink, the food you eat, it's all raised elsewhere, trucked in, piped in, and you just consume, consume, consume. My kingdom for a little garden plot, ya know? It's helpful when people start putting information out about how you can at least be a more conscious, ethical consumer. You know, I will probably never be an entirely green, vegan, off the grid consumer. I don't really aim to be. For one thing, so not giving up cheeseburgers a la Apple Pan and leather boots. Stompy leather boots, especially. We pause for a moment, and bow our heads and ponder all that is wonderful and holy about shoes. And cheeseburgers. Um. I'm off on a tangent here, aren't I?

Right then. Like I was saying. In my own way, I'm trying to live a greener life and I found this website to be helpful.

I'd like to start crafting community along hte lines of LA Ecovillage and creating a more sustainable lifestyle here, in this city I love, for myself and my neighbors. I think we can survive the end of cheap oil, we can feed ourselves, we can maintain a vital and thriving urban culture. I think we can usher in some really important changes in our society as we evolve past the cheap oil era, but I think it takes every single person doing what they can to make that happen. We all don't have to make every single change and become vegan, green, off the grid people. I don't advocate that. I think diversity is good. And cheeseburgers. But we *do* have to consider what shifts we're willing to make in our own habits. If we just, each did ONE thing, recycled, ate less meat, advocated fair trade, whatever.... it'd make a huge difference overall.

Anyway. City Hippy. Interesting stuff, yo.

The other thing I am thinking about lately is string. See, if you go to the Kabbalah Centre and sign up, you get a red string. It has been mentioned that perhaps ferret shock and string envy should not be the basis for conversion. It has also been mentioned that I could just, order a red string off Ebay and save myself the trip uptown to the center. It has also been suggested that perhaps I'm a trendwhore. It was then suggested, by me, that a #15 knitting needle be inserted into the orifice of the speaker's choice, and the interaction went down hill from there. Thankfully, reason and the fact that my mama raised me to be a questioning child are the cure for ferret shock. Jury is out on the string.


Doozers Knit said...

Do me a favor: skip the Kabbalah Center. Feng Shui red ribbon is far cooler, and you can frequently get pretty mirrors, too.

The Kabbalah Center? It's kind of a Jewish Cult, I had my own run-ikn with them, years and years ago. They're an EXPENSIVE cult, too.

City Hippy said...

Hey there doozers

Thanks for the shout...and the link...

We totally hear what you are saying about just doing what you can.

For example if for a whole year people in the USA simply switched off the tap when brushing their teeth that would save billions of gallons of water.

The little things do matter!

And burgers ;)



Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Hey doozers.... I did a little surfing around their website last night. Did the intro flash thinger. It all sounded really good and then..... the flash intro stopped and they wanted money. How about no. I'm already Jewish, but the reason I don't even go to *synagogue* is because they charge membership. I don't pay for God.

Y'know, I'm taking a piece of red string, going to my grandmother's grave, wrapping it 4x around HER tomb (hey she's my matriach, you know?) and saying a little prayer, asking for her blessings. I have a feeling I've alread got them. Better'n any old stinky red Kabbalah string. People need more common sense!

City Hippy - hey! Thanks.