Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mermaid! I love this jacket! Wow! Remember I was talking about wanting to make something a little fitted but simple and not too fussy? This. This is exactly what I was talking about.

I like the general "look" of #7, but instead of the purples, I'd rather use blacks and greys. Maybe a touch of scarlet somewhere as an accent. What I don't like about the jackets shown that do use black, is that the accents are all brighter than the body. Like this one. Can you say Hufflepuff? I knew ya could. It screams "I've got school spirit!" The flares at the hip? brighter than the main body. What I *like* about #7 is that the darker accents don't stand out quite as much, they're a little more subtle. I like subtle. She's got some nifty stuff on her site (and some things that make me say NO! but so do most designers) but they are all kits and so, my color preferences would be moot. I hate buying kits. I dislike being forced into someone else's vision. No kits. But her site is definitely giving me Ideas and this is a good thing. It really is a pity that the black jacket versions of Mermaid are so fugly. Cos I'd actually be tempted to buy the pattern if I weren't also forced to buy the yarn in colors I hate.

I am so picky.

It is something to think about though, how the color insets there really do give the appearance of extra shaping and work so nicely with the actual shaping of the jacket. I should swatch around and play with that. Maybe keep it in mind for when I do find a pattern I like. A pattern that doesn't FORCE ME TO KNIT WITH HUFFLEPUFF YARN!!

In other news, Em is now knitting up some baby cotton in garter stitch on a pair of #8 bamboo circs and not hating it. This pleases me immensely.

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