Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It must be said that my SP6 is teh awesome. *squee* I can't wait for the reveal. It's kind of like.... I don't know, meeting Zorro or something. Whoooooo is that maaaaaasked knitter???

It also must be said that the person whose SP6 I am is starting to worry me, because zie has not updated zir blog or replied to the seeekrut pal email I sent. Because this person probably has a life, unlike me, and cannot hang around on the intarweb all day. A rich and fulfilling life, filled with time well spent doing things Otherly. So I caught myself compulsively checking the blog today and sniffling a little when it was STILL not updated since the last time I checked two hours ago, and then hitting the "refresh" key a few times in case I missed something.

If I still have not heard back from zir by the end of this week, I am emailing my hostess and verifying all the contact info. Which I'm sure is correct but I'm OCD like that. I'd just hate to think that she might think I'm a flake or that she's not going to have a fun SP6. I do have all sorts of eeeevil plans.

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Secret Pal said...

I'm glad you like me so far--lots going on behind this mask.

Been out shopping today in Mojo city... You'll see what I'm talking about in a few weeks.