Friday, September 02, 2005

It has been 5 days. Today, they started getting food and water through. Also, coincidentally, they had a lot of photo ops of hthe Prez on tour, and my did he look concerned. Nice bit about Trent Lott's front porch there, btw. That was, um, well that was just sensitivity in action, that's what it was. Because the people who are dropping DEAD FROM DEHYDRATION really care that Trent Lott's house will be rebuilt* or that N'awlins will be a party town again. Don't much care about that right now. Care more about water and bussing people out, kthxbye.

They've had camera crews in there for days. Where is the water? If the news crews could get in, why couldn't the WATER? Yeah, I'm a bit hung up on the "no food or water for 5 days" issue. I keep imagining my husband and children in that convention center and breaking down. If it were my family down there dying, I'd be "locating" bottles of water at Rite Aid too. Whatever it took to keep them alive. I'm sorry, but I would be. I am horrified at the mess my government has made of this.

Speaking of camera crews, a very nice lady from the news called my house and asked if she could interview me today. I don't know that I'm comfortable getting interviewed for helping. I mean, we should just all help. But yeah, I guess spokespeople are good and getting the word out is good. So I sent her URLs about the knitter's fundraiser and the goth community coming together. Maybe there'll be someone witty and smart who will give good press and who is better at it than me. I hope so.

Keep on helping, y'all.

*what do you want to bet it'll be rebuilt long before most of the displaced have homes and businesses to go back to? Oh never mind me. I'm discouraged today and the President's tour of the area, instead of giving me hope, just made me feel more sad for those people. We can't clean this one up with fancy speeches and I hope that our politicians and the leaders down there put the good of the community before their own personal, creature comforts.

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