Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm so glad I found this because I'll need it for the Serenity premiere tonight. *grin* And hey, I took a semester of Mandarin, so I can *laugh* sorta *ahahahahha!* approximate *bwaaaahhh!* the tonality *coughs* correctly *splutters* okay actually the tonal stuff is why I only took one semester of Mandarin, because I blew at it, really hard.

Some things I am learning from making the Diamond Fantasy scarf.

1. Stitch markers are your friend but she doesn't mean "after every twelve stitches" she means "when there's an asterisk, pm, then pm at the next asterisk. With every repeat, just pm at the end of that." because that makes it much easier.

2. No, really, you DO want to be moving that lifeline up about every 5 rows. I dont' care if it's not "a logical repeat", just DO IT.

3. Yes, you had to frog it 4 times. It's your own damn fault you were watching Bon Jovi on Oprah, trying to knit when the kids had things to tell you about, and when your blood sugar was crashing so hard you almost fell over in a blur last night. Do these stupid things more and you'll frog more. Do them less, you'll frog less.

Also, I should mention that I have a ticket to the Serenity after party where Joss and the cast will be going after the premiere.

Cathy asked in comments about spinning fire - here are some shiny pictures from the gals who my husband takes classes from. Check out their quicktime reels!! I'm interested in poi and in fire fans/fingers and will probably start taking classes in that myself, this winter. I'm also kinda interested in fire hooping. He prefers staff work and just started working with a troupe. I'm more interested in working fire in with bellydance whereas he's more into the swinging burning missiles around his head rapidly. Like, you can see some pics from his class here or here or even here which is not to say there aren't some nice shots here.

Alta was talking about variegation and I don't know if you got my reply to your comment - but I wanted to say that your point was well taken and I actually do agree with what you said about the variegated yarn sometimes detracting from lace patterns. I think it just depends on the yarn/pattern and swatching is your friend so you're not committed by the time you realize you hate the yarn/pattern combo.


Amy said...

You get to go to a party with Joss and the cast????


Atla said...

Okay, wow. No more leaving comments for me when I first wake up. I started to comment, but it got out of control, so I'm cutting/pasting it into my own journal if you want to read.

Cathy said...

Interesting...I don't think I'll try spinning fire. Graceful as I am, I'd probably set the cat on fire, or something.