Saturday, September 17, 2005


I am languishing in stuff I need to finish. See, I've got this jolly elf hat in Lambs Pride bulky going for a friend's daughter's Xmas gift. I've got to find my 10.5 dpns to finish it. I use them for hairsticks, see, and put them down in Places Other Than The Knitting Jar and then can never find a full set when I want one. The blue Aran shawl is in Cascade Quatro, it's gorgeous, it was my Mom's Xmas gift, and I'm just stalled. It weathered a really bad trip to New Hampshire, a long plane ride each way, some serious heartbreak and I just have no desire to pick it back up. I might frog and rethink the project entirely. Mom deserves a joyful present, not one imbued with a lot of tears. Literally, in this case, tears shed in teh skies from Detroit to Denver, ya know? I just realized, after that trip? I didn't update this blog for 2 months. That's how heartbroken I was feeling. I was MOPING AND BEING GOTH, okay? Drooping on a chaise lounge. Artistically mourning. Also, spending a lot of time on the dance floor getting some Industrial Therapy. Point is, mom gets something else.

However, loving the striation I'm getting from the sari silk by alternating skeins. That? That can stay. I'll work on it tonight when I go to shoot pool.


Handspun BFL, imperfectly plied as it is, the texture is rather reminiscent of the yarn from the H20 hat from Chicknits (pattern page now defunct). Fortunately, I remember the basics, so that's what I'm knitting up. Was going to be a Jayne Cobb Hat (just in different colors) for my favorite East Coast hottie illustrator evar, but wants to be something else. At this point, said hottie is not getting his hat for the premiere but he just might get one for Xmas in koolaid dyed BFL if I can get my singles to a decent weight.

Once I get those done? I've got Knitting Plans.
This kittyvile yarn is going to be the Kittyville hat from SnB. I'm gonna alternate it with some black superwash merino in chunky stripes. The rocking thing is? I got it for 50% off at A Mano's huge sale a while back. Art yarns superwash merino. Phwoar! Did I mention, 50% off? I paid like, four bucks a skein for this stuff.
momshawl this wants to be a shawl for my mom for Xmas. Fortunately, my mom does not read my blog. At least, I think she doesn't. Mom, if you're reading this, just stick your fingers in your ears and shout lalalalalala! okay? I'm thinking Sivia Harding's shawl, the one you can knit out of a skein of sock yarn? It's perfect for her.
branching out This is cashmere. This is mine. This is going to be a Branching Out that is going to stay at my house and round my neck in the cold winter months. Though I probably won't get to it till January.


Atla said...

I love the branching out pattern, and I love cashmere. And while you have infinite more knitting experience than me, I urge you to reconsider. I've gone through forty some odd pages of the Branching Out KAL on craftster, and it really looks fabulous in a solid colored yarn, but variegated - not so much. The yarn seems to be too busy for the pattern to have its full effect. Then again, maybe it's just me. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing your result. I ordered yarn for this myself a couple of days ago. I plan to make it for my mum's birthday.

As for your previous question, yes, I do have a blog somewhere else.. somewhat. I mostly use it to post notes and links to remember and to bookmark on my PC (if I find it when I'm at school.) However, I do post FOs and the occasional progress reports. So, here's the link.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

oh how funny! I'm also on LJ. Siodhchan. I'm even spammier there. :-P but that's mostly my personal journal that is filled with waaaaangst. This one? My parents can read.

You know, I used a variegated for BO and really liked it. The colors seemed to lend themselves to the pattern very well - they were autumny, without a lot of pooling or crazy stuff. I'll swatch the cashmere up and see.