Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Houston, we have bronchitis. We also have a doctor's appt at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning wherein we will be hopefully plied with the very best antibiotic medicine that my insurance will refuse to pay for.

Knitting is vexing today. Not sure why. Have decided to declare a moratorium on lace until there is more oxygen flowing to the brain. Obviously, the decreased respiratory capacity is affecting my ability to count yarnovers. Woe.


Atla said...

Well, on the bright side, I sent your goodies via Priority mail today, so it'll be there in a couple of days to chase that bronchitis right off!

Siel said...

Wow! And Woe! Bronchitis! Feel better Pillager --

Cathy said...

I wish you a peedy recovery, and in the interest of staying sane once you recover, avoid lace at all costs! Otherwise you will be well acquainted with the frog pond!

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