Friday, September 16, 2005

Hobbes. 1990-2005

Hobbes was a rickety old cat who had been with us for many years. He lived with my dad. He was my cat when I was a young adult before I had kids and he was there for So-chan's birth, lived on the commune in Oregon and eventually moved back to northern CA when I did. He had to stay there temporarily when I left again, and temporary turned into permanently Here in LA, our cats are inside animals. But Hobbes? He'd been a farm cat. He was happiest being outside and having adventures far afield. My dad had a large yard with an overgrown garden (until The Tan Bark Incident) and there were some woods near the house for Hobbes to roam. So I ultimately left Hobbes up north, knowing he'd be happier there than way down south in the city. Plus, they kept each other company.

My dad always pretended to be rather gruff with Hobbes. Hobbes scratched furniture, so he had to live outside, but then one winter my dad built him a two story cat condo with shag carpeting, fish wallpaper and a thermostat controlled heater. Dad also kept the raccoons out of the cat condo by pegging them in the ass with a pellet (three pumps, enough to sting, not damage) if they tried to get in at night. I have this mental image of my dad in a cowboy hat, hiding sniper style up in the eaves of the house, patiently waiting for the raccoons to show up. Maybe taking out a slug while he was at it. The raccoons learned to back off the cat condo pretty fast. When Dad would go out of town, he'd take Hobbes to the Kosy Kat Cottages. Each cat got a private glassed in room with good ventilation, private litterbox, fun climby thing, tasty food, and a person would come love them up for a while each day. The best part was, there was flatscreen bird tv on all day long. I'm really sure that Hobbes liked going to the Kosy Kat Cottages.

Hobbes now rests in the yard in his favorite napping spot. Apparently he had a few, but Dad selected just the best one.

Thanks Dad for taking such good care of him. I'm sorry that you lost a friend.

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