Friday, September 23, 2005

Fair Trade conundrum over at Green LA Girl, whose blog I look forward to reading EVERY DAY. And I look forward to seeing how this one plays out as the information is gathered and shared. Yay passionate people who take action!

So, Serenity. In a nutshell. I'd been offered my ticket to the premiere/after party by a friend whose bf had been called out of town unexpectedly on business. I accepted. He came home a day early. I offered the ticket back. They went. I'm glad they went together. Plus, I got myself on a list to go see a press screening on Monday with MY boy, so even more fun, if no cast party after. We'll see how that one pans out. *sigh* I can just see myself showing up at Will Call and they have no record of my name. Cos that shit just happens to me.

Pollyana time. I'm glad that staying home in jammies meant I got hot fudge sundaes (yes that was ME in the Venice Ralphs last night, wearing ratty pajamas, a ratty sweatshirt and ratty sneakers with all the hair flying everywhere, putting Haagen Daz, hot fudge and a lot of ice cream related crap in the basket and trying to get home before the CSI premiere started). I also got another full on repeat of Chart B done on my mom's Xmas present. SO I'm feeling rather accomplished.

Also, I finished.... this.
distaff full
It's a distaff to keep the roving from flopping into my spindle when I spin. I got the tutorial off the web. I have not yet mastered the knack of using it but, it certainly jingles nicely. See the pretty beads? All of them were found, inherited or something I had on hand and the yarn was a leftover ball from a hat I made So-chan last year. Phwoar. My DIY fu amazes, truly.
distaff detail
Next up, I'm gonna jerryrig a niddy noddy skein maker thingamajigger out sealing wax and string.

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Cathy said...

Ummm....if you really want a cheap niddy-noddy, try pvc pipe from your local home improvement store. Hubby and I made 3 from one section of pvc and 6 "T" joints. I didn't even glue them together--once the pvc is cut and you sand off the rough edges, they fit fine in the "t" joints, and the lack of glue means you can swap sizes, pull off the arms if needed to get your yarn off, twist them to lay flat, disassemble them for travelling....all kinds of stuff you can't do with a normal wooden niddy-noddy.