Monday, September 26, 2005

Everybody here Chez Yarnpirate has a nasty cold, so there is a mystical concoction bubbling away on the stove. Soon it will be stock and then it will be transmuted into chicken soup. Truly, something commonplace into gold. Who needs a Philosopher's Stone when you have a stock pot?

Mom got her Branching Out in the mail finally and called me. She loves it. I'm so pleased. She says she tried it on with all her jackets and coats and outfits and loves it. It makes me happy that she likes it. It was really hard not to say "Oh if you like that, wait'll you see what I've got going for your ChristmaHannuKwanzamas present!" A labor of love and time well spent and I'm just tickled that she likes it. She opened it a week early, citing an inability to wait till her birthday. Totally cool, I'd rather she have more time to spend enjoying it than looking at a box wrapped in paper. She loved the yarn, too, and the colorway. I'm just so happy she liked it.

The ChristmaHannuKwanzaamas Present continues to grow. I am on repeat #3 of 6 and two rows from embarking on repeat #4. Very exciting to see this coming together and I'm so pleased with my yarn choice. It's growing so fast! If I haven't mentioned it, Sivia Harding's patterns are awfully well written, easy to follow and have good explanations. I'm not afraid of lace at all anymore and I'm learning so much from doing this pattern - it's very logical in construction.

Yesterday was a very exciting adventure at the Abbott Kinney Festival down in Venice Beach. Harissa Bellydance had a bit of a mis-adventure in that we were rescheduled to a third "secret stage" apart from the two main stages, that nobody working the festival knew about. One bad fall during the hike to the mystery stage, resulting in a slightly puffy ankle (mine) and another bad fall on that same hike resulting in a completely torn up arm and lots of bleeding (not mine). Two of the troupe never even found the right stage, got fed up and went home, so there went our opening dance number. The show, did, however, go on and my puffy ankle was not a problem as I don't actually *dance* with this troupe. I herd ferrets stage manage. I must say, that I am not thrilled with the city of Venice Beach and logistics. Something similar happened to us at the Venice Beach Carnevale this year, when they put us on the tiny side stage at the last minute and rescheduled The Mutaytor to play in the same time slot on the main stage.

My SP returned to the web, sent me an email and updated her blog, so all's well in SP land. The person whose SP6 I am sent me an animated hot fudge sundae the other night after the Serenity snafu. Have I mentioned that this person rocks? I am burning with curiosity and there are SO many knit bloggers out there, it is just completely pointless to speculate. One must just sit back and enjoy the mystery till the big reveal. Which, I think, is the whole entire point.

So I go, do laundry, finish repeat #3 on the Diamond Fantasy and make soup.

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Atla said...

Hey, do you want this pattern? I bought it a couple of days ago, and I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. It's a Sivia Harding. If you'd like, I'll mail it to you. I've printed off only one copy, so it wouldn't be a copyright violation. Or I could change my password for the members section long enough to let you download it, then destroy my copy. It'll be up until tomorrow. Either way.

Please don't give me the whole "hang in there, honey - eventually you won't get a headache at the mere idea of lace" thing especially if you want the pattern but you're just trying to be courteous. I might one day venture into lace again, but I'd rather the pattern get some use sometime in the next few years, and I know you'll do it beautifully. Say yes. It'll make me happy.