Sunday, September 04, 2005

Big schmancy party tonight, hourly guaranteed rate plus tips, LOVE those. We could use the money. It's not a regular thing yet and I wish it were. If I had just one good party a week it'd be a huge help to us. As it is, it's about one good party a month. Still better than nothing. I suck at self promotion. I am hoping that maybe I can talk Amaya into booking me into the parties she won't take (she charges more than me) for a cut off the top. Like, a henna subcontractor.

Car is packed. Chairs, brass table, all the goodies. Henna kit is next to the door and so are the books. Sari is clean and choli is hung, baubles are selected. I swear, it's like theatre and yeah, it's fun to wear that hat. I've got my hands liberally henna'ed as well which means I can't knit. It's always such a conundrum. Yarn or beauty?

I've got this terrible feeling that I'm forgetting something really important but i cannot for the life of me think of what it might be. I bloody *hate* the feeling of impending doom, of knowing you're going to get to the party and go "Oh SHIT." and have to send someone back. Fortunately the boi is coming along to keep me company, I hope he won't be bored off his skull in there. It's a Bar Mitzvah, so we won't get fed, very fancy, VERY formal, very clear distinction between paid help and guests. I always like the laid back parties in someone's home a lot better - usually they feed you and you can chat up the guests and the bar is open....

Remember the first commandment, Thou Shalt Not Get Yarn Near Henna Paste? I'm amending it. Thou Shalt Not Get Yarn Anywhere Near Henna Paste Or Jack Russell Terriers. I can't find a skein of yarn to match the one he ate anywhere and I really need it. Blast.


Siel said...

I didn't know you were a henna artist! Where do you work, usually? Are you ever at the Beauty Bar?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

No, I don't work at the Beauty Bar, but I'll have to check that out, I'm seeking more freelance gigs to supplement my parties.

Mostly, I work private parties and usually get booked through my teacher, who is a pretty well known bellydancer/henna artist. She works for a higher hourly rate than me, so when a party comes along and they want to pay less than her rate, she books me, takes a tiny percentage off the top and I get the gig. It works out very well for us both.