Saturday, September 17, 2005

After my post about greening up LA, I've been thinking overnight about what we try do personally.

*We turn off our water when we brush, and we have low flush toilets and low water shower heads. this is totally ruined by the fact that we have to run the water for like, five minutes to get hot water in the kitchen.
*we buy locally grown, organic produce.
*we buy organic, free range eggs.
*we buy organic diary.
*fair trade teas (mostly) and coffee (always) are served at our house
*we faithfully recycle glass and cans.
*our cosmetics are cruelty free

I think I'd like to add the following to that list over the next mon
*recycle paper - we could recycle paper too. And plastics. I could also contribute less to landfill and start composting again. Worms. I'm thinking worms.
*If I'm gonna eat it, I could stand to only buy organic, free range meat (except those Apple Pan burgers)
*I can do some research to figure out if I can "green" our washer and dryer setup in the apartment building as a whole. For everyone. I can also look into rigging up a clothesline, but I'm not sure that is viable in our neighborhood.
*I can look into cruelty laundry and household soaps and products. There's gotta be one out there that works as well as Tide for stain busting.

The most important?
I can keep thinking.

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Siel said...

I've tried the Trader Joe's brand stuff for laundry detergent and dish washing liquid -- they both work quite well! Also like the Seventh Generation stuff, which you can find at TJ's too. Good luck :)