Saturday, September 03, 2005

That's the tally of what the knitting community has raised for the Red Cross thanks to the Give A Little fundraiser.

The Convention Center in NOLA has been evacuated. Finally. Thank god.

News choppers have begun dropping food and water when they see people trapped in their homes by the flooding waters. God bless them.

Refugees are starting to find shelter. Every city in America is taking people in, and you can help out. Over 17,000 beds have been volunteered.

You can foster a NOLA animal in desperate need until it can be reunited with family.

When this is said and done folks, the federal government needs to be held accountable, FEMA needs to be held accountable, and we'd better not shut up about it.

FEMA won't let the Red Cross in

the US Forest Service offered water tanker aircraft and other aid to put out fires, but FEMA couldn't get their shit together and authorize it.

Utah offered to take a thousand refugees but FEMA won't give them permission.

Arizona sent search and rescue crews and other aid but FEMA kept them out.

Virginia relief team was mobilized and told not to come.

This group of doctors was ready to go, and FEMA told them to go to the Red Cross who in turn told 'em to go ask FEMA who in turn told them to go to the Red Cross who..... yeah. They're still at home, and not in NOLA.

The active military can't get in there without a request from FEMA. and FEMA hasn't asked them... why?

Bush says "hour by hour the situation on the ground is improving." and all I have to say is, not because of anything you've done, Mr. President. Shame. No I will not shut up. YOU, Mr. President, you shut up and do your job, ok?

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