Thursday, August 11, 2005

When you have to go to coinstar with your pathetic change jar in order to buy milk, you know that maybe its' time to re-think the state of the finances. It's funny, you know. You go on, paycheck to paycheck and you're doing fine and you have a little savings set aside, then BOOM, you need to have a fibroid removed from your uterus, the kid ends up in the ER, the insurance company is still dicking you around over a year later on HUGE bills, then the dog dies and you have another bunch of bills and suddenly you are months behind on the credit cards, bouncing checks, savings gone and barely making ends meet.

Yeah, it's gonna be tight over here Chez Yarnpirate. We'll make it, but it does mean it's gonna be tight. S'okay. I've got a really good stash and I've got my list for holiday knitting all set to go - enough yarn to knit 80% of my gifts and the rest are just the kids, so all is good there. I'm still gonna do SP6. I do get a montly allowance that'll allow me to do it and it sounds fun and I'm willing to give up some lattes and stuff for it. No conflict there. But otherwise? If the allowance won't cover it, it won't happen. Gotta lay off just about everything and get it all under control.

For the record, it's very embarassing to go to the store with a ziploc bag of pennies to buy milk. And for the most part, I don't have to worry about that. But lately? Sometimes? It's been happening with frightening frequency. I applied for a job at Borders today. Applying for a job at Starbucks later on this week. Nights and weekends, so I can keep homeschooling the kidlet. Hopefully something will pop. I can't afford free time right now. I gotta get a job. Well, a job in addition to the job I do which is raising two kids full time and taking care of a home and family. I need a job with money at the end of the week.

Thank GOD for a healthy stash. And you know? This is temporary. This setback.

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rincaro said...

I'm right there with you. Staying home, trying to justify it, when we can't seem to get ahead.

In other happier news, I really love your blog. You are forever making me giggle.