Sunday, August 14, 2005

Today officially started the beginning of Christmas Knitting! We were off to see March of the Penguins for the smunch's birthday today, and I needed something to knit in the theatre. Lace, no way. Sock? Well, I'm doing lace on the sock, so, no. Everything currently on needles is either lace or something I really have to pay attention to. Drat. Well, ya know, sometimes a simple knit is good, to break up the more complex stuff, so I cast on for a plain ole garter stitch scarf in Lamb's Pride bulky. One needs something to do while one watches penguins after all. I ended up hating what I did during the movie and frogging it after, but I've recast on larger needles, am about a foot or so into it and am much happier with the result. I think it will be a nice little giftie, come holiday time. No, it's not complex. That's okay. Mindless stuff can be good too.

So holiday knitting. It's begun. With any luck, I'll be done by (ha! - inside voice) November. I am not doing any interminable prayer shawls in Homespun this year, I swear. In fact, I am not doing anything in Homespun at all, not now, hopefully not ever.

Homespun:The Loathing A new roleplaying game for knitters.


Siel said...

Xmas already? It's too hot to knit mittens and wool socks! :)

BTW -- something's happened with your formatting -- the sidebar's lost all the way at the bottom of the page --

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Really? It is showing up fine in Safari.... *ponders*