Wednesday, August 31, 2005

There does seem to be some serious ennui going on as regards blogging, chez Yarnpirate. "I knit. Oh, then? I knit some more. I spun a little bit and plied. Hey, then? You'll never guess what then! I KNIT. No, really. SHUT UP! I know! I DID! Here, look at a picture."

Taught myself to cable today, taught myself to navajo ply yesterday and spun up some rather decent singles out of a bit of black merino a friend had given me to try. I am now no longer afraid of merino's shorter staple. But see? Boring. Just. Plain. Boring. And then? I ate lunch and then I knit some more.

Seem to be getting my antiwar back on and that feels good. I'd gotten very discouraged and stopped my activism for a stretch there - didn't seem to be doing much good, did it? The grrrl is going to a special camp being put on by Code Pink and the Ruckus Society called "Not Your Soldier" which is essentially a reverse recruitment camp for young people. Gives them training in being civilly disobedient but not letting their little teenage heads get carried away in the excitement of the moment. Teaches them about their civil rights. Gives them tools in talking to peers about the military complex and anti war issues. How much do you want to believe that some neo-con propaganda pusher starts calling this a "terrorist training camp"? For the record? Not like that. It is an ACTIVIST training camp. So yeah, Mr. Rove, shut the hell up and go make me a sandwich. No wait. Never mind. I wouldn't touch food from your hands. Just shut the hell up.

This is who I think about when I think about the war in Iraq. I'm so sorry he is gone. I'm so proud of him for going over there because he'd promised to serve and the government called his Guard unit up. I think he must have been a phenomenal man, and I'm sad I never got to know him as a man. Just a giggling, dusty blond kid in my memory, who I saw grow up in pictures on my grandfather's mantle.

So I found this knitalong called Peace Is Patriotic and I joined it. Knitting socks for babies and things for military wives and helmet liners for soldiers. Because I am a peace activist, I am a patriot, and no matter what I feel about Bush, Rove and the war, I have 100% whole hearted support for the men and women serving over there and the families they left behind here.

I knit some baby socks for that today and taught myself to cable on them. They're very tiny and very cute. Hopefully some happy baby at Camp Pendleton will have warm feet and hopefully that baby will have Daddy come home soon.

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