Thursday, August 25, 2005

Still here. I seem to have reached the randomly throwing up part of Effexor withdrawal, in addition to all the other fun symptoms which are not abating. And the ADHD not focusing real well on any one task part. Yay! We love this!

not really yay. not really loving this.

I'm not slacking though.

unblocked Branching Out
About 1/2 way through Branching Out. Not blocked, but you can see that the variegated yarn is still working pretty nicely for this piece, and honestly, I think the worsted weight will be lovely for some cold person this winter.

My friend is delivering her new baby this weekend, if all goes according to plan! So I got a bootie done. I have to finish the other. It's not really yellow - its' more like this really great bright chartreuse green with a lavender stripe. Very gothy colors, which is good cos these are gothy parents and their baby needs something chic. The other one is on the needles and I'll be able to mail it all out on Monday, I am fairly sure.
baby bootie

Of course, booties are nothing without a matching hat.
baby hat

I made some stitch markers because I got a few Sivia Harding lace patterns and realized that my eighty dollar stitch markers/wine glass markers were way too heavy and would snag on lacy yarn.
blue markers

A few other random stitch markers in various colors to mix it up a little.
mixed markers

Then there's Cam's sock, which is slowly growing, a repeat or two a day.

Yep. Still here.


littlehedgehog said...

that branching out looks beautiful with the varigated colors!! I have yet to successfully get through the first ten rows without screwing something up. But I need to convert the way the pattern is written to a different fomat so I'll be better able to follow it. I was going to try to finish it to submit for the state fair but that's not happenin'.

Sorry to hear about the effexor withdrawals. I don't know much about prescriptions other than zoloft, wellbutrin, and my thyroid meds but this sounds just awful.

Celia said...

Listen to me darlin', you are my hero. Depression is HARD to deal with. We had some mighty Prozac withdrawals in my house. You hang in there. We out here are rootin' for you.