Monday, August 22, 2005

So this week I am coming off the medication from hell and the side effects of this are no fun to say the least. Plan to watch me a whole lotta Montel, Oprah and Maury Povitch, yep. I'm knitting a lot and I'm a little cranky. My internal editor has stopped working, for example, my inside voice came out a WHOLE LOT today. Trust me kids, while that can be whacky and funny as all hell, you know I kinda do tend to at least TRY to keep a lid on these things ya know? Just a little.

Because most people really do not want to know what I really think.

So I may not be blogging a whole lot this week.

I did, however, get 5 perfect repeats done on Branching Out today, when I was not climbing the walls. So that's something, anyway. Apparently, if you want to master lace, all you need to do is go into an antidepressant withdrawal induced state and you will get it right away.

Who knew?


Siel said...

Perhaps try tapering off the drugs? Then again, I don't know what the side effects are, aside from lace-knitting mastery --

Lindsey said...

montel, maury and oprah...sounds like my days off!