Tuesday, August 16, 2005

pointless much?

I am SO grouchy that I'm too grouchy to knit. I mean, I'm so grouchy that when I found out that they pre-empted House for something inane and pointless the Teen Choice Awards I seriously contemplated doing someone at the network bodily harm with a #35 knitting needle. Or a pudding pop. See, I've got a box of pudding pops. In fact, I've got one in hand. I'd have to go to Michaels for the #35's.

Apathy says, pudding pop wins. Though there's not a lot of bodily harm to be done with a pudding pop.

maybe I just really like the words "pudding pop".

pudding pop.

puuuuuuuudding pop.

this is where maybe the husband is taking away the knitting needles and backing away slowly and looking around nervously.

I still haven't fixed the blog sidebar formatting. A lot of the buttons are either gone or not working. I'll get 'em back up there where they belong eventually. Until then though, I've got (you guessed it) pudding pops. I am easily gratified by the little things, sometimes.


Faith said...

Pudding pop are perfect words. I now love these words. I hereby promise to use the words in a sentence tomorrow. Perhaps randomly around my husband. Or maybe my therapist.... That should make for a fun day!!!


Siel said...

Talking about taking knitting needles away -- I thought I'd be able to get out of jury duty -- but no, I'm called in tomorrow, and knitting needles are specifically listed as a banned item -- It'll be an iPod & novel day --

rincaro said...

At least you are not so TV addicted that you get upset when they choose golf over Angel on afternoon TNT. I can't cook dinner properly without Angel in the background.