Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nothing like a raging, scorcher of a case of pink eye to get your day started. Mmmm, yes. However, I have discovered that you can indeed go out to Dungeon without eyeliner and not be forced to hand in your goth card. I was a little worried. But not to worry. So I danced my arse off for a good few hours straight, but left early because of 8am appt. for scorching case of pinkeye. Yarrrr.

I wish I'd brought my knitting needles with me to the club because there were these 6 really big guys in bowling shirts who'd tied on one too many and were NOT following the 'Rules for Spatial Boundaries, Etiquette and Interpersonal Relations at a Goth Club' and by about the 8th time one of 'em knocked me over on the dance floor, I literally turned around and almost slugged him in the eye. But he was built like a linebacker and Rainy's First Rule of Dancefloor Brawling is: If you hit first, they get to hit you back, it's a fair cop and you may not complain at your black eye the next day. He was a good foot taller and outweighed me by at least seventy pounds, so I was not about to open the door for Mr. Linebacker.

So I just, flounced off on my heel and huffed away in an audible snit instead.

That showed them.

Oh yeah. I'm that badass. Mmmhmmmmm.

I also threw back a couple of Shirley Temples, since I was out on the town for the night. That's my special drink and I have my favorite bartender who makes them for me every week and she always tosses in an extra cherry.

Today I spent the morning sleeping in after the doctors appt., and have spun some yarn and done absolutely nothing. After a rousing stomp and all those Shirley Temples, it was just what I needed. Brawls notwithstanding.

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