Thursday, August 18, 2005

I finished Piglet's Kayak Socks!


I am very proud.

One undone thing OFF the needles. A few more yet to finish.

I'm on my second pudding pop of the day and I gotta say, it's barely making a dent in the stressy. There has been much arse marmotry of the bureacratic sort in my day. If I were a monkey? This would be a poo flinging day. I kid you not. I was on the 405 today and if I'd had poo handy, I'd have flung it. Just sayin. Some days are like that.

Thank god for the Santa Monica Fiber Fest tomorrow. Retail based therapy, except not so heavy on the retail because I'm completely broke. But, budget allows a small treat and thus I plan to buy a bottom whorl spindle (or maybe one of the Hi-Lo spindles) I've got a whole pound of dark Blue Faced Leicester top in my stash to be spun up into something yummy. This is the softest fiber ever. Yum. Delicious, really. And I desperately need another set of #0 dpns (5) so am going to be looking to see what they've got at the show. Though I can get Brittany birch at A Mano Yarn Center pretty reasonably, I kinda yearn for something in an exotic hardwood. Most likely, I"ll just look at those longingly and then go buy the birch needles anyway. Thus does reason win the day.

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