Friday, August 05, 2005

I am somewhat excited.... it looks like I may be starting a knitting class/group at a local shelter and the shelter is gonna foot the bill for needles, yarn and supplies. How great is this? I love the idea of getting to share knitting with people and they can make themselves and other shelter patrons warm hats, scarves and blankets, not to mention the sense of community it can help build.

I joined the Church of Craft because to me, it truly is the way I touch and feel closest to the divine, something deeper than just myself, it is when I am creating beauty in the world. So in a way, getting to share like this? It's almost a form of ministry. I'm sharing my faith and my connection. I'm just not gonna be really pushy or wordy about that part of it. And that's ok. Quiet is good.

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Anonymous said...

It's Jessica, btw.

First of all, I adore the new look, much easier on the eyes.

Secondly, WOOT! How cool is that!

But yeah, I think we're both devotees of that Church. It's a good church. I see some heavy duty knitting in my future, tonight.