Friday, August 26, 2005

hedgeblog said "that branching out looks beautiful with the varigated colors!! I have yet to successfully get through the first ten rows without screwing something up. But I need to convert the way the pattern is written to a different fomat so I'll be better able to follow it. I was going to try to finish it to submit for the state fair but that's not happenin'."

Have you tried charts? I still am not quite grokking the chart thing, but I keep hearing that it is SO much easier than the abbreviations. I had to frog this one a gazillion times. Switching to larger needles and worsted yarn is what did it for me. The pattern repeats are getting friendlier and more familiar as I go and I am finding the mistakes are not as frequent. I'm also getting the hang of tinking it if I do mess up, but I still use a lifeline at the start of each repeat. I saw a nifty trick that someone wrote out in an LJ forum. Basically you take an index card and you write out the pattern on both sides of the card. Like thus:

card side A
Row 1 probably garter stitch
Row 3 something redundant like K2, P3, YO K3tog 2x, etc.

card side B
Row 2 did I mention, knit?
Row 4 how about purl two.

I think it would work better with abbreviated patterns, I'll have to see if it works with charts. You have to turn the card over to see the next line of the pattern as you work, thus keeping track of what row you are on. I imagine you could do this for any large pattern and you could put a small tickmark next to each line as you finish it. Brilliant! It was someone's grandma's idea. The really cool thing is, not only does this keep track of what row you are on, but it also is waaaay more portable than the usual 8x11 pattern sheet or laptop and can go in your knitting bag with your WIP. Me, I've got a little composition book (like you see in school) that I write pattern stuff in and that lives in my knit bag, but I think the card idea is really handy.

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