Sunday, August 28, 2005

HA! I finished the first Venice Beach Ice Cream sock. BoooYAH! The colors were so ice creamy, so summery and the pattern so delicious, that I could not make it a long wintery sock and ribbing at the top didn't really work for me. SO... I cast off with a picot bind off and made the sock a little shorter - it's lacy and the bind off is ruffly, so it'll be cute and slouchy with summer tennies if the wearer so desires.

Cast on for #2. Go ME.

The picot bind off thing kicked my arse for a solid hour, but I finally figured it out. Sorta. It's like, picot lite, but without the cable cast on. Funny how you can sit and stare at abbreviations for a good long while and try and try and do it wrong, and then suddenly that light bulb goes on, you have a Mr. Head meet Mr. Desk moment and it's easy peasey from there on out. I always feel so triumphant when that happens. I made sticks and string do something new!

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