Friday, August 19, 2005

Fabulous Fiber Fest in Santa Monica at the Civic Center was absolutely, well, FABULOUS. FAAAABULOUS, darlings.

My friend Em the Invisible went with me.

I got there, whipped out my digital camera so that I could take all sorts of photos and make witty commentary in my blog, but sadly, realized that the memory card was in the drive at home. Because I am often lame like that. So lets see, what was there. Fiber. Lotta fiber. Met some gals from the local spinners guild and some local knitters. Lotta shiny. LOTTA SHINY.

I didn't really get any farther than the Carolina Homespun booth. That pretty much engaged me for the next few hours. Em and I were playing with spindles and then someone else came up and started talking and then Em began giving a little impromptu lesson and then the booth owner came over and started showing stuff and we ended up with a gaggle of spinners happily playing with wool. Which was kinda the point of the whole day, ya know?

A random act of kindness meant I came home with a Bosworth midi drop spindle and only went $20 over my budget for the day. You can see it here lounging sexily on top of some Blue Faced Leicester top. Mmmm. Top. See how creamy and sexy the top is? Imagine the yarn that will be spun from that top. Mmmmmm. Yarrrrrrrn. Did I mention, I've got a whole *pound* of this top? Imagine the sweater. Imagine. Mmmmm. Sweeeeeeater. /homer>

and also the Schacht Hi-Lo Spindle that I had budgeted for originally. Which is a fun little spindle and can be used for plying and also as a bottom whorl and to teach MY Em (the smaller) to spin, which I'd like to do.

Tiki approves.

I want a Bosworth mini next. Laceweight yarn, here I come.

It was a good day. We ate empanadas after. Now I'm gonna spend some time spinning. It's amazing how a good spindle does most of hte work for you. I'm still park and draft girl, but it's getting easier and my yarn is looking pretty good.

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