Saturday, August 27, 2005

Boooooollywood. That's right kids, ain't nothing better than a Bollywood movie. If you haven't got some, go get some. My favorite is Lagaan, but there's so many others that kick butt. Some of the new Bollywood/Hollywood fusion stuff is pretty good too - like Monsoon Wedding, Bride and Prejudice, etc. What's not to love about extravagant song and dance numbers, fabulous costuming and kicky beats? That's right. There's nothing not to love. Well, actually it should be noted that when your husband is sitting next to you translating and it's things like "stop. hammer time. can't touch this." to all the songs, then maybe it's not to love so much as pick up a knitting needle and poke him with it until he stops.

Today the Yarn Fairy waved her wand, did a little stashbusting mojo and some random, fabulous yarn dropped into my lap unexpectedly. I am doing the "holy shit, CHRISTMAS!" dance.

She bestowed upon me... 3 skeins of Rowan all seasons cotton in a sort of coral color, 3 skeins of baby cashmerino in a gorgeous scarlet, 2 skeins (182 yards ea) of King Tut mercerized cotton, one in a leaf green and one in russet, 350 yards of Mountain Colors fingering weight wool/mohair in yellowstone handpaint, 190 yards cashmere fingering weight in Lost Trail handpaint, and 110 yards of Alchemy Yarns Synchronicity silk/wool blend in Rainforest.


Yes. The Yarn Fairy brought me cashmerino, fine cotton, wool, cashmere and SILK yarn.

yarn fairly

I love me some Yarn Fairy.

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