Saturday, August 20, 2005

the boi and I went off to the dog park this evening and when I came home, the Schacht drop spindle was partially filled with very bulky, slubby but still not too badly spun yarn. Eldest daughter was enthralled with watching me spin today and was watching me park and draft with much glee - I explained some of the basics to her and let her give it a shot and I guess that later on when she was here hanging out, she decided to really give it a go.

She's decided to make herself a set of yarn dreads. You can see some pictures here of the amazing creations made by our friend Ashbet at Psysheep. She was kind enough to give us a mini tutorial on the process when out for C11 last spring and since I can't really afford a custom made pair, the idea of spinning up some roving and perhaps creating a set has been stirring around in my brain but I never did really do much more than noodle on the idea. Eldest child has decided that she's going to go for it and is looking about on Ebay for roving to use to spin herself up a hairpiece. Ashbet really does put some amazing yarns and hand dreaded rovings into her creations. Each set is amazing and unique. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Eldest child comes up with on her own after getting to see the stuff that A brought out in the spring. She's been so generous with teaching others in the community and sharing what she's developed over the years.

That's the nice thing about community. The sharing of information and the passing along of skills to one another.

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