Friday, July 29, 2005

Yesterday was spent (with the assistance of a kind and experienced knitter friend) adapting a sock pattern and doing Complex Mathlike Things to it, so that it'll fit right, since the gauge I'm getting is different, my needle size and the foot size are different and the yarn is different. I am fairly confident, however, that we're sorted. I feel as if I've passed some sort of knitting barrier within myself. The Knitting-Math Barrier.

I am watching Tiki have a bit of a puppy frenzy and Bear (our cat who is otherwise known as Charlie Bukatski) is having a frenzy along with her. THey are racing from one end of hte apartment to the other. Tiki is leaping over Bear and chasing him out of the room and then she'll come tearing back in with Bear in hot pursuit. Leaping over furniture, skittering over the kitchen floor.... it's nice to see her doing happy puppy things!

I'm off to take a rescue dog to the vet today from where she's being boarded. I can't say this enough - I so wish people would spay and neuter their pets. And what is with the adoption of certain breeds and then the widescale abandonment? Staffies, pits and pit mixes can be great dogs if they have great owners, but there are so many horrible owners out there and so many of these poor babies languishing in shelters. Go take a look or if that doesn't do it, go visit any animal shelter in your area. So many hopeful eyes and little wet noses and so many of them doomed to euthanasia. Rescue animals in shelters and in fosterage need people to play with them, walk with them, socialize them, foster them and adopt them. You can help out! Have a heart. Adopt. Don't buy from breeders. Spay and neuter. Help out if you can. It's great that we knit mittens and blankets and socks for people all over the world, I love that knitters are a charitable breed... but don't forget the four leggers while you're at it. They live here too.


Every time I have to go work with Ace, I get simultaneously happy and depressed. Happy to help and horribly sad at the plight of so many good animals. So it brings on rantiness. I'm gonna go knit a few rows on my sock to chill out.

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Cambria W said...

This post makes me proud to say that I adopted my baby from a Foster home and we love him to death. He's so good with "the Boy" and he's just the sweetest thing ever. Well worth it.