Sunday, July 17, 2005


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This is the little girl we found at the pound yesterday. She is at the vet having her operation (spay) and we get to pick her up tomorrow morning. We've named her "Tiki". She's an 8 month old beagle/greyhound cross and she is SO sweet!

I took her out of the cage, she nestled up to me, laid her head on my shoulder, wagged and then peed all over me. Yep. It was love at first sight. If you're looking for a great little dog, try your local animal shelter. They've got so many. So many little hopeful eyes and wet noses. Love your dogs, spay and neuter, and don't buy from breeders, ya know? Because it's heartbreaking how people toss animals aside in this country.

All other knitting has been cast aside for the moment and I'm 5" into and just about ready to cast on the sleeves on her new sweater, which I am making in Lamb's Pride worsted, alternating stripes of Limeade and Fuschia, with black ribbing. Yes, it's bright. But then, so is she. :-)

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