Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's this Wells Fargo commercial where a bunch of kids are yelling "do it! do it!" as a little girl cracks open her piggy bank, and then they find a bunch of folded notes and start reading htem. "I owe you 3.00, love mom." and "I owe you $4.00, love mom." and the Mom comes in just then with a plate, and she's saying "Who wants COOKIES!" and all these little kids are STARING at her as if to say "you horrible cow." and the mom says "What?" then this banner comes up reading "The Mommy Could Use Some Help Managing Her Finances Plan" and EVERY SINGLE TIME that commercial comes on my children snicker at me evilly.

Er. Well.


Today, I made yarn. I did not make very much yarn. I did not make very good yarn. I made rather fuzzy and uneven yarn, but it is absolutely yarn for sure. I feel very accomplished.


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