Saturday, July 30, 2005

So after making it past the horrible Knitting Math Barrier, I decided I hated the pattern of the sock and ripped it out. *cough*

Next, on FOX. When Socks Go Bad.

Ho hum, here's a little blurb from yesterday about the place, LA Dogworks that I had to pick up the foster dog at. This place is pretty swank. They have pawdecures, hydrotherapy, reiki, aromatherapy, hair coloring, seaweed body wraps and um... did I mention it's for dogs? They have a free range experience and boarder dogs sleep in tiny doggie bunk beds with a 24 hour attendant. This foster dog probably thinks she DID get euthanized at the pound and is now in Dog Heaven, I swear. Apologies to anyone who read it already in a different forum.

Me (telling Mac about the dog spa): I bought Tiki a little doggie cookie
shaped like a butterfly, with frosting on it. She thought it was pretty
good. It came in a tiny Chinese take out box. So, next time you go
out of town, can you just put a leash on me and board me there? I want a
pawdecure and reiki and aromatherapy and a spa day.

Mac: yea... seriously...

Me: The owner of LA Dogworks and I were talking about Tiki's "issues" and
he gave me the card of someone who is supposedly very good.

Mac: Wait, the dog needs therapy?

Me: she might.

Mac: Oh for f**k sake...

Me: But honey, she has ISSUES!

Mac: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So do I... I have an issue with doggy

Me: well but she might need to be regressed to her puppyhood,
rebirthed, healed of latent trauma. We could be looking at cognitive
behavioral therapy - perhaps with a Jungian approach.

Mac: banging head on desk.

Me: You prefer Freud?

Mac: I am gonna go slam my head in a door till I can die...

Me: So.... Gestalt then? Are you leaning more towards a more Esalen

Mac: I am leaning towards a rolled up newspaper for the both of you

Me: I am so blogging this.

Mac: Of course.

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littlehedgehog said...

LMAO I vote for Gestalt. And I thought our doggie hotel with doggie daycare was fancy. Aromatherapy, hair coloring, and seaweed body wraps? That is a bit too much.