Wednesday, July 13, 2005

No, really, the yarn is laughing at me. This splitty, difficult, high maintenance, laceweight alpaca yarn. This demanding, strappy high heeled sandal wearing, plum colored, weekly mani-pedi treatment wanting yarn. It is laughing at me. It just snapped at me and did that head thing, then told me that I should take my mama car and go on home.

That's it. Going. Into. Stash. Gulag. Right next to the Fun Fur and other novelty yarns. It can just think about adjusting those demanding, difficult little ways.

Yeah. That's right. OH SNAP. I'll just be over here getting down with my wonderful, low maintenance, tamarind colored cotton Mystery Yarn, mmmhmmm. And maybe when we're done, we'll go look at shoes. Get pedicures. Ha!

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