Sunday, July 24, 2005

It is just stupid hot here in Southern CA. It needs to stop now. The heat is making us all miserable and unbearable. I'm cranky, the kid is cranky, the boi is cranky, the cats, the dog... we're all wearing our crankypants. Add to that this miserable head cold I've had all week and I'm just no fun to be around. Puppy has a miserable cold too. Vet tomorrow. I haven't been out all week except to run a few errands or walk the dog. Feh.

Somehow, our weather thinks it's Florida. Or something.

I'm going 'round and 'round on the sock so I can finish it by the time my crack yarn comes for the swap, but there's no fun in it. Ho hum. I'm feeling really uninspired. Branching Out seems too daunting at the moment or I'd work on that. Eh, I'm just whiny and bored and HOT. I guess every knitter has knitting doldrums. I think tomorrow though, since the boi is off work and can watch the pup and the sprog, I might just take an hour or two and get out. I could buy a venti frappucino (affogado style with malt, no whip, I'm such a Starbucks whore) and take myself off to the air conditioned yarn store for some companionship, knitting and mood alteration. Better than a double Prozac shot in the arm. I bet my family would love me for it.

Maybe I should ask the vet to prescribe me something too. Hmph.

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littlehedgehog said...

hey could you grab me one of those fraps while you're there? Thanks!