Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I have discovered that Mango Moon sari silk yarn, while delicious and wonderful, is impossible to detangle in the dark, at the beach. I've got this wad of horrifically knotted, sandy, silky yarn vomit in my knitting bag and I'm a little afraid of it. I have also discovered that bringing a project that involves k2/p2 repeats of ribbing to the same dark beach (especially on #0 needles) is really unintelligent as well. You WILL lose track of where you are, you WILL mess it up and you WILL have to tink it the next day and try not to scare the cats with the bad words you are muttering.

Lessons learned: Taking knitting to the beach on the 4th and attempting to work on it after dark with no light while waiting for fireworks to begin is just, teh stupid and you deserve any and all wads of yarn vomit, sand germs and mess that you get.

Sandy. Yarny. Horror.

"Repeat after me. I do not have to bring my knitting everywhere."

"I do not have to... have to.... I'm sorry. I just can't say it. So help me, I CAN TOO bring my yarn anywhere. I have to. Or I might die."

"You have a serious problem."

"I can quit any time. Shut up."

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