Friday, July 22, 2005

heh, I have picked out the sock pattern and the yarn is ordered for my sockie swap and I'M NOT TELLING what it is. Well, okay, hint. There is yarn crack involved, since my sock swap pal Cam has never tried the yarn crack in question. Muahahahahhaahah. So today, I frantically try to finish the Wildfoote feather and fan sock I've got going so that my #1 needles are free. I've got two sets of these dpns, and I think I might knit both socks concurrently. Less room for mis-matched socks.

Is good.

I also frogged Tempting last night and cast off the Pekoe bag. I've really got to write a final "Pekoe Bag" pattern down. The WIP pile is shrinking.

Now? PUPPEH!!!!


Cambria W said...

now, don't go making the rest of us all look bad with the concurrently knitted socks! :-) Can't wait to see the bag.

emily said...

Hey, I am two clicks after you on the Knitting Blogs ring, your dog is named Tiki and my dog is named Tiko. Crazy. Anyway, congrats on the new puppy, he is a cutie.