Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Have I mentioned that the situation over at Booga J's blog regarding Belle Armoire magazine continues to blow ropy goat chunks? If you have any investment in supporting ethical business practices, don't buy this mag and don't buy anything else from their parent company, Stampington. Support small designers like Booga J who do this for love of their art instead, and who don't have corporate clout to fight back.

Sometimes, people suck. And it seems that for every hundred people who are stellar and wonderful and amazing, there is one person who just sucks like a big sucky thing and ruins it for everyone.

To all my people who are stellar and amazing? I salute you. Don't let the suck factor stop you.


Shauna said...

erff--I heard about that--didnt they take her pattern, then copyright it as their own and ten begin to sell it?? Bastards -_- I will most DEF be boycotting along with everyone else.

Julie said...

Thanks for posting about my troubles!!!