Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Happy happy! I wound both skeins of the crack yarn into balls and YES, I am gonna knit both socks concurrently for my swap pal, so nyah. I'm loving this colorway. It's like ice cream in summertime at a kid's birthday party. It's so not something I'd normally buy for myself, but the colors are really lovely and cheerful and I don't know... they make me feel good. That's giving me ideas... that maybe I'm not just a Sock Drama Queen. Maybe... maybe I could enjoy wearing ice cream sherbet colors too. Maybe having cheerful feet is a good thing. I certainly smile at this yarn! Nummy stuff. I've got 14 FF repeats and some ribbing left to go on the sock I'm trying to finish, then I"ll cast on for the swap socks. I'd have done more on it today but I felt like I needed to do something for the swap, so I wound my yarn and admired the colors.

Oh, and ate an ice cream sandwich, I did that too. Cos it's hot.

Tiki has seasonal and environmental allergies and her puppy Zyrtec makes her tired. She's done nothing but sleep, all day. I'm also investigating her foods - maybe we'll avoid red dye, corn and soy for her. She's so clever though. No accidents in the house, she goes in the right place (outside!), she knows "sit" and she knows "stay" though she doesn't always stay. We're going to take her to puppy kindergarten soon. She is such a great little dog but it's so obvious that someone abused her. She's very reactive to males and easily scared/startled by them. Reading up on Italian Greyhounds and similar breeds has been helpful. We're not sure if it's IG or Whippet, but it's one of them. That sighthound aspect definitely seems to be the dominant component in her mix.

Oh and SQUEE! I broke one of my Brittany #0 dpns a while back and emailed them and today? I got a tube with FOUR replacement dpns from them, no charge. Now that is what I call excellent service. I'll be buying more of their needles for sure.


Cambria W said...

I'm so darned excited!!! I just hope I can get those socks going again so I won't have to shoot myself, or start knitting top down like the pattern really says. I gotta do it my way.

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