Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dear Mystery Yarn.

I love you. You have made it possible to knit lace. I know nothing about you except that you are Perle Cotton 3/2. I don't know what that means exactly, but that's okay. I love you anyway. Oh wait, there's a sticker here inside your cone that says you are from Silk City Yarns. Hey, maybe I can get more of you.... your delicate tamarind hue is so pleasing to me, you are lustrous, and you are so, so easy to knit. I wonder how you feel about blocking? Will you be malleable and pliant when it comes to blocking? You do have a core of steel, believe me, I know. Or else you would not have lasted this long. To think that I kept you around and thought of you as "crap yarn". I am ashamed. You are a treasure and I do not deserve you. Thank you, dear Mystery Yarn, for stubbornly staying in my stash until I got that rectal-cranial inversion problem sorted out.

I love you in this scarf.

Love and kisses,

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