Saturday, July 30, 2005

So after making it past the horrible Knitting Math Barrier, I decided I hated the pattern of the sock and ripped it out. *cough*

Next, on FOX. When Socks Go Bad.

Ho hum, here's a little blurb from yesterday about the place, LA Dogworks that I had to pick up the foster dog at. This place is pretty swank. They have pawdecures, hydrotherapy, reiki, aromatherapy, hair coloring, seaweed body wraps and um... did I mention it's for dogs? They have a free range experience and boarder dogs sleep in tiny doggie bunk beds with a 24 hour attendant. This foster dog probably thinks she DID get euthanized at the pound and is now in Dog Heaven, I swear. Apologies to anyone who read it already in a different forum.

Me (telling Mac about the dog spa): I bought Tiki a little doggie cookie
shaped like a butterfly, with frosting on it. She thought it was pretty
good. It came in a tiny Chinese take out box. So, next time you go
out of town, can you just put a leash on me and board me there? I want a
pawdecure and reiki and aromatherapy and a spa day.

Mac: yea... seriously...

Me: The owner of LA Dogworks and I were talking about Tiki's "issues" and
he gave me the card of someone who is supposedly very good.

Mac: Wait, the dog needs therapy?

Me: she might.

Mac: Oh for f**k sake...

Me: But honey, she has ISSUES!

Mac: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So do I... I have an issue with doggy

Me: well but she might need to be regressed to her puppyhood,
rebirthed, healed of latent trauma. We could be looking at cognitive
behavioral therapy - perhaps with a Jungian approach.

Mac: banging head on desk.

Me: You prefer Freud?

Mac: I am gonna go slam my head in a door till I can die...

Me: So.... Gestalt then? Are you leaning more towards a more Esalen

Mac: I am leaning towards a rolled up newspaper for the both of you

Me: I am so blogging this.

Mac: Of course.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Yesterday was spent (with the assistance of a kind and experienced knitter friend) adapting a sock pattern and doing Complex Mathlike Things to it, so that it'll fit right, since the gauge I'm getting is different, my needle size and the foot size are different and the yarn is different. I am fairly confident, however, that we're sorted. I feel as if I've passed some sort of knitting barrier within myself. The Knitting-Math Barrier.

I am watching Tiki have a bit of a puppy frenzy and Bear (our cat who is otherwise known as Charlie Bukatski) is having a frenzy along with her. THey are racing from one end of hte apartment to the other. Tiki is leaping over Bear and chasing him out of the room and then she'll come tearing back in with Bear in hot pursuit. Leaping over furniture, skittering over the kitchen floor.... it's nice to see her doing happy puppy things!

I'm off to take a rescue dog to the vet today from where she's being boarded. I can't say this enough - I so wish people would spay and neuter their pets. And what is with the adoption of certain breeds and then the widescale abandonment? Staffies, pits and pit mixes can be great dogs if they have great owners, but there are so many horrible owners out there and so many of these poor babies languishing in shelters. Go take a look or if that doesn't do it, go visit any animal shelter in your area. So many hopeful eyes and little wet noses and so many of them doomed to euthanasia. Rescue animals in shelters and in fosterage need people to play with them, walk with them, socialize them, foster them and adopt them. You can help out! Have a heart. Adopt. Don't buy from breeders. Spay and neuter. Help out if you can. It's great that we knit mittens and blankets and socks for people all over the world, I love that knitters are a charitable breed... but don't forget the four leggers while you're at it. They live here too.


Every time I have to go work with Ace, I get simultaneously happy and depressed. Happy to help and horribly sad at the plight of so many good animals. So it brings on rantiness. I'm gonna go knit a few rows on my sock to chill out.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Did I mention that I am awfully proud? I swished the skein of (now dog spitty) yarn in some cold water and then hung it up to dry with a weight on one end as I've seen ppl do. Not knowing exactly HOW much weight to use, I settled for a length of rolled up ethernet cable which seems to be pulling the skein down enough to keep bits from overtwisting, but not too hard. *cough* because one does what one can with what one has and what one knows.

I also spun some more yarn. Go me! I'm very proud. I can't seem to get it much finer than a very heavy worsted weight - it seems pretty similar to the Cascade Pastanza in weight if not a titch heavier. But it's pretty even on this go 'round. Not a lot of bumps and breaks at all. So I'm going for even and will worry about sizes later. I figure even is more important.

This is one of those deceptively simple tasks that's actually super complex with all manner of subtle skillsets and nuances of knowledge not emerging until you've just done it and done it and done it for a while.

I can't for the life of me understand why people have historically looked down on these "women's tasks" because this requires skill and understanding. It's practically alchemy. Definitely transmutation. Wool into yarn. Yarn into sweater. Worn out sweater into smaller sweater. All without Amazon dot com, just the knowledge handed to you from the other women in your life. I feel connected to something interesting in this process. I wonder if other spinners feel that.

Also, did you know that you can buy a whole POUND of Corriedale wool top for around twenty two dollars? I think you could probably spin a good bit of yarn with a pound of wool top, couldn't you?

I can so quit anytime I want.
Dogs really do steal yarn. Tiki very cleverly stole the skein of yarn I'd spun today and chewed on it for a while. Um.

Well they did say that water would set the twist...

I wonder if puppy spit counts.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's this Wells Fargo commercial where a bunch of kids are yelling "do it! do it!" as a little girl cracks open her piggy bank, and then they find a bunch of folded notes and start reading htem. "I owe you 3.00, love mom." and "I owe you $4.00, love mom." and the Mom comes in just then with a plate, and she's saying "Who wants COOKIES!" and all these little kids are STARING at her as if to say "you horrible cow." and the mom says "What?" then this banner comes up reading "The Mommy Could Use Some Help Managing Her Finances Plan" and EVERY SINGLE TIME that commercial comes on my children snicker at me evilly.

Er. Well.


Today, I made yarn. I did not make very much yarn. I did not make very good yarn. I made rather fuzzy and uneven yarn, but it is absolutely yarn for sure. I feel very accomplished.

The puppy gets all excited when I whistle "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." I just thought you'd all like to know.

I promised myself that when I finished the last of the Pekoe bags, I'd get to use my drop spindle and roving that my friend Reesa bought me at MSWF as a seekrut surprise. And lo and behold, right about a few weeks ago, another friend who spins came out to LA from back East to live here permanently... and..... she's gonna teach me how to spin today. I'm very excited. Yet another friend surprised the heck out of me and graciously gifted me with the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. off my Amazon wishlist and now I'm all excited about spinning and dying. And I found a place up in Canyon Country that sells roving, dying and spinning supplies. Ah gods and generals. Because I need another addiction, right? No, really I just need a larger apartment. My fiber obsessions are starting to outgrow this one.

No, really, I swear. I could quit anytime.

Also? I have the very best friends in the whole wide world. They provide a lot of really amazing emotional support, they make me laugh hysterically about a lot of stuff, they make it possible to learn new fibery skills and they enable my fiber addiction. Seriously, what's not to love? Bunch of yarn. crack. pushers. Mmmmhmmm. And I love 'em, each and every one.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Happy happy! I wound both skeins of the crack yarn into balls and YES, I am gonna knit both socks concurrently for my swap pal, so nyah. I'm loving this colorway. It's like ice cream in summertime at a kid's birthday party. It's so not something I'd normally buy for myself, but the colors are really lovely and cheerful and I don't know... they make me feel good. That's giving me ideas... that maybe I'm not just a Sock Drama Queen. Maybe... maybe I could enjoy wearing ice cream sherbet colors too. Maybe having cheerful feet is a good thing. I certainly smile at this yarn! Nummy stuff. I've got 14 FF repeats and some ribbing left to go on the sock I'm trying to finish, then I"ll cast on for the swap socks. I'd have done more on it today but I felt like I needed to do something for the swap, so I wound my yarn and admired the colors.

Oh, and ate an ice cream sandwich, I did that too. Cos it's hot.

Tiki has seasonal and environmental allergies and her puppy Zyrtec makes her tired. She's done nothing but sleep, all day. I'm also investigating her foods - maybe we'll avoid red dye, corn and soy for her. She's so clever though. No accidents in the house, she goes in the right place (outside!), she knows "sit" and she knows "stay" though she doesn't always stay. We're going to take her to puppy kindergarten soon. She is such a great little dog but it's so obvious that someone abused her. She's very reactive to males and easily scared/startled by them. Reading up on Italian Greyhounds and similar breeds has been helpful. We're not sure if it's IG or Whippet, but it's one of them. That sighthound aspect definitely seems to be the dominant component in her mix.

Oh and SQUEE! I broke one of my Brittany #0 dpns a while back and emailed them and today? I got a tube with FOUR replacement dpns from them, no charge. Now that is what I call excellent service. I'll be buying more of their needles for sure.

Monday, July 25, 2005

My that was a tasty frap. All malty, with mocha syrup, affogado style. I do so enjoy those once in a while, though they are extremely high in calories and sugar. Good thing I don't make 'em a habit. Didn't make it to the yarn store, rather, hung out in the shade in front of Starbucks and knitted on my sock for a while, read a book and just chilled out.

Was working on the sock in line and this guy kept turning around and staring at me rather intently, then he bent down and angled himself to investigate the sock from another angle. I smiled. He said nothing, just stared. Then I raised one eyebrow at him and he stared some more. I smiled again. Nothing. No return smile. No acknowledgement. Just... staring. And he'd turn around and then turn back around and stare some more. That's when I began to feel a little bit creeped out by the whole thing. Normally I don't mind talking to strangers about knitting and it's a great conversation opener - but sometimes I attract the weird kind of stranger, not a good chatting about yarn kind of stranger.

I wanted to jab him with a dpn and mutter "Stoppit" but I figured that could be construed as an invitation to actually interact, so I refrained. Then he want away. Thank goodness. If he had kept up the weird staring, I might've impulsively dumped my frap down his collar and then where would I be? In a holding cell at the CCPD and no frap, that's where.

It's not that I'm not friendly. It's that I'm a freak magnet and I've learned to be wary.

Anyway. I'm about to turn the heel on the sock. And that's about it for scintillating knitting news.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

It is just stupid hot here in Southern CA. It needs to stop now. The heat is making us all miserable and unbearable. I'm cranky, the kid is cranky, the boi is cranky, the cats, the dog... we're all wearing our crankypants. Add to that this miserable head cold I've had all week and I'm just no fun to be around. Puppy has a miserable cold too. Vet tomorrow. I haven't been out all week except to run a few errands or walk the dog. Feh.

Somehow, our weather thinks it's Florida. Or something.

I'm going 'round and 'round on the sock so I can finish it by the time my crack yarn comes for the swap, but there's no fun in it. Ho hum. I'm feeling really uninspired. Branching Out seems too daunting at the moment or I'd work on that. Eh, I'm just whiny and bored and HOT. I guess every knitter has knitting doldrums. I think tomorrow though, since the boi is off work and can watch the pup and the sprog, I might just take an hour or two and get out. I could buy a venti frappucino (affogado style with malt, no whip, I'm such a Starbucks whore) and take myself off to the air conditioned yarn store for some companionship, knitting and mood alteration. Better than a double Prozac shot in the arm. I bet my family would love me for it.

Maybe I should ask the vet to prescribe me something too. Hmph.

Friday, July 22, 2005

heh, I have picked out the sock pattern and the yarn is ordered for my sockie swap and I'M NOT TELLING what it is. Well, okay, hint. There is yarn crack involved, since my sock swap pal Cam has never tried the yarn crack in question. Muahahahahhaahah. So today, I frantically try to finish the Wildfoote feather and fan sock I've got going so that my #1 needles are free. I've got two sets of these dpns, and I think I might knit both socks concurrently. Less room for mis-matched socks.

Is good.

I also frogged Tempting last night and cast off the Pekoe bag. I've really got to write a final "Pekoe Bag" pattern down. The WIP pile is shrinking.

Now? PUPPEH!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

So today is dedicated to trying to get WIP's transformed into FO's. So yeah. FInishing the last Pekoe bag and maybe frogging Tempting, as I've just lost all enthusiasm for it. I have been looking at the ballet cardi but I dunno. I may just re-ball the yarn and figure it out later. There is no way in hell that I'm gonna be able to work on the lace project today because, well.... PUPPY!!!

Have ou ever tried to knit lace with a puppy?

No, not so much.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I wrote this to my dad tonight. I thought I'd put it here, too.
Em went to her first circus today with some friends. She'd never been to one. Well, she'd seen Cirque du Soleil but it's not a traditional circus. This though, this was the whole shebang. Ringling Bros Barnum And Bailey, all that. The Greatest Show On Earth. I have such great memories of seeing the circus as a kid. When I got older, I stopped going, but as a little girl, it was the most awesome thing when the circus came to town. People who flew, tigers and gypsies, elephants and glitter, the smell of sawdust, hot dogs and a guy in a red suit with a microphone. It was larger than life, a whole world underneath a tent, contained in three rings. Magic.

Em did not enjoy the circus. She was very upset by the animals after someone handed her a PETA flyer outside and she says that she was worried about the elephants being mistreated and felt bad for the tigers in their small cages and wanted all of the animals to be free.

You know what I think?

She's right. The cages are too small and the elephants would probably be happier out on the veldt or wherever elephants like to live. Yes, compassion to animals is sadly lacking in mankind. I'm glad that there are people to help counter that, the Humane Society, the SPCA... there are many and what they do is heroic. But PETA crossed the line by handing children flyers about animal cruelty out in front of the circus. They do more harm than good when they do that.

She's right, and I am thrilled to have raised a child who treats all creatures great and small with kindness and compassion.

You know what else I think? I think that I am not so thrilled that her first and probably only circus was not all that it should have been. Because I think that *every* child should experience all the magic and thrill of the circus, even if it is only one time, before reality comes crashing in and they get a flyer showing someone beating an elephant with a stick. Ya know? I just wanted her to get one night of sawdust and fun and circus in town. That's all. Just that.

Sometimes, it's not so great to watch them grow up a little bit. Sometimes, you see a little something in their eyes go out, something to do with magic, gypsies, tigers and glitter. As a parent? That's not so great a feeling. So I hope that I can raise her to work for what she believes in, but with reason and compassion for the people around her as well as for her causes.

Tiki sans bucket

Tiki sans bucket
Originally uploaded by yarnpirate.
I'm not getting much knitting done right now. Because, well. PUPPY!!!! <3

It's a lot like having a toddler in the house again. A very hirstute, ADHD having, drinking out of the toilet, stealing kleenex from the trashcan toddler. Er. Yes. Well.

Carry on.

Oh fine, you want knitting content. Her sweater fits. She could not be arsed to hold still long enough to pose, however.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tiki's sweater, back view
Originally uploaded by yarnpirate.
one striped jumper, sans cat. et voila!

Puff models Tiki's sweater

Puff models Tiki's sweater
Originally uploaded by yarnpirate.
I could not actually get teh sweater on the dog over the bucket, but this is the finished product. I hope the cat speaks to me again in this lifetime...

Tiki, her bucket, Em
Originally uploaded by yarnpirate.
Tiki in her bucket. Em and her book.

Two happy girls.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Tiki is home!!! She is the cutest little dog evar. OMG. Very sweet and cuddly. I've got about 3" left on her sweater, and then the sleeves to pick up and cast on. Then ends to weave in. Her greyhound shape has caused me to modify the sweater slightly - the bottom is ribbed for 5" because she's *very* narrow in the hips!

It just feels right to have a dog in the house again.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

So I think it's a good thing that dogs are not critical of knitting flaws, because this Casey's Coat dog sweater pattern from Deb Stoller's SnBN is about the most ANNOYINGLY badly written thing I've ever read and I hate it and aside from basic dimensions, have just given the heck up on it. Because it's like that, it really is. When you put a pattern down, pick up your knitting and can't stop laughing, it's not a good sign. Good thing I like to wing it. Cos it's getting, er, winged.

I found a SOCK BUDDEH! It is for to squeee. Let the socky swappiness begin, yo!


Originally uploaded by yarnpirate.
This is the little girl we found at the pound yesterday. She is at the vet having her operation (spay) and we get to pick her up tomorrow morning. We've named her "Tiki". She's an 8 month old beagle/greyhound cross and she is SO sweet!

I took her out of the cage, she nestled up to me, laid her head on my shoulder, wagged and then peed all over me. Yep. It was love at first sight. If you're looking for a great little dog, try your local animal shelter. They've got so many. So many little hopeful eyes and wet noses. Love your dogs, spay and neuter, and don't buy from breeders, ya know? Because it's heartbreaking how people toss animals aside in this country.

All other knitting has been cast aside for the moment and I'm 5" into and just about ready to cast on the sleeves on her new sweater, which I am making in Lamb's Pride worsted, alternating stripes of Limeade and Fuschia, with black ribbing. Yes, it's bright. But then, so is she. :-)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

We are going to look at a puppy this morning. I'll have the very last of the Pekoe bags on my circs and will be knitting along on that while we wait. I'm not going to invest emotionally. I'm not going to invest emotionally. We can only get this puppy IF she is still available and IF no other people come and want her at the same time (at which point the shelter will take bids and we cannot afford more than the basic fee) and so it's a lot of IF and I'm trying not to invest.

Of course, I've already started planning a little hand knit dog sweater. And we're arguing about puppy names. Because we're not invested.

Wish us luck. We need a little dog again.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I am an avid sock knitter. *sniffle* I need a blogging buddy to do a sock swap with. That sounds like fun. Any, um, blogging buddies out there, um, wanna do a sock swap? For that matter, do I have any blogging buddies?
Frogging is becoming less and less painful. I mean, I don't know as I'll ever look at something I just spent time working at and think, "Oh frabjous day! I get to pull this out now!" but I'm not as freaked out by it as I used to be. I've had to get over that while learning to do this Branching Out.. Putting in a lifeline at the start of every repeat is a good thing.

I think if I left a mistake in, I'd never be able to appreciate the 26 mistake free repeats, I'd always be drawn to that one missed stitch. And I don't want to give my mom anything but my best. So here I go, repeat #9, take 3.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's a good idea to stop knitting lace when you have frogged back to your lifeline 3x in one repeat and it's after 10pm and you are tired. Trust me on this one.

Some ideosyncrasies a la Yarn Pirate:
1. I am really prone to picking up regional speech variations. Dialect, cadence, pitch, tone, rhythm, accent, slang - you name it. If I'm with Texans, I sound Texan. If I'm with my Aussie, I go all Aussie, mate. Ditto anything else. And when I'm drunk? Pure Southern Belle. Do. Not. Know. Why. Also? Various expressions and phrases will just, stick with me. 13 years after living with Texans, I still pepper my speech liberally with "y'all" and the plural, "y'all's". Plus, the Aussie stuck me with "I beg your nose?" Yeah, it's silly.

2. I have to drink my coffee before I can do anything else in the morning, and while I drink it, I must sit on the right side of the sofa and I must check my email. My coffee must be in the blue moth mug or in the brown faire mug. 1/2 cup vanilla soymilk, two sugars and strong coffee from the press. Then, my loyal subjects may speak to me. Until then, if they transgress, off with they little haids.

3. I can't knit in the quiet, but I also can't knit to certain noises. Television is best, but not if it's too riveting. Movies are subjective - depends on the film. Video games being played by the husband are right out. Ethereal goth, fine, but stompy industrial, no go. Silence, bad. I drop stitches.

4. I sleep with a very squashy old teddy bear on top of my head. Seriously. If he's not there, I can't sleep.

5. There is only one way to eat a HoHo. First HoHo in the package, you carefully peel the chocolate coating from around the midsection. Then, you nibble the chocolate off the ends. Then, unroll the cake carefully and lick the cream filling and THEN you may eat the cake. Just stuff the remaining HoHo's in, any way you can. KitKat bars have a similar protocol.

Carry on.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Have I mentioned that the situation over at Booga J's blog regarding Belle Armoire magazine continues to blow ropy goat chunks? If you have any investment in supporting ethical business practices, don't buy this mag and don't buy anything else from their parent company, Stampington. Support small designers like Booga J who do this for love of their art instead, and who don't have corporate clout to fight back.

Sometimes, people suck. And it seems that for every hundred people who are stellar and wonderful and amazing, there is one person who just sucks like a big sucky thing and ruins it for everyone.

To all my people who are stellar and amazing? I salute you. Don't let the suck factor stop you.
No, really, the yarn is laughing at me. This splitty, difficult, high maintenance, laceweight alpaca yarn. This demanding, strappy high heeled sandal wearing, plum colored, weekly mani-pedi treatment wanting yarn. It is laughing at me. It just snapped at me and did that head thing, then told me that I should take my mama car and go on home.

That's it. Going. Into. Stash. Gulag. Right next to the Fun Fur and other novelty yarns. It can just think about adjusting those demanding, difficult little ways.

Yeah. That's right. OH SNAP. I'll just be over here getting down with my wonderful, low maintenance, tamarind colored cotton Mystery Yarn, mmmhmmm. And maybe when we're done, we'll go look at shoes. Get pedicures. Ha!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dear Mystery Yarn.

I love you. You have made it possible to knit lace. I know nothing about you except that you are Perle Cotton 3/2. I don't know what that means exactly, but that's okay. I love you anyway. Oh wait, there's a sticker here inside your cone that says you are from Silk City Yarns. Hey, maybe I can get more of you.... your delicate tamarind hue is so pleasing to me, you are lustrous, and you are so, so easy to knit. I wonder how you feel about blocking? Will you be malleable and pliant when it comes to blocking? You do have a core of steel, believe me, I know. Or else you would not have lasted this long. To think that I kept you around and thought of you as "crap yarn". I am ashamed. You are a treasure and I do not deserve you. Thank you, dear Mystery Yarn, for stubbornly staying in my stash until I got that rectal-cranial inversion problem sorted out.

I love you in this scarf.

Love and kisses,

Monday, July 11, 2005

You know, I think this situation kinda blows donkeys for wooden nickels, and not in a good way. I emailed Belle Armoire about it. Sad because I love Somerset Studio mag which is put out by the same company, but if they are shafting small designers and artists like this, I don't want to support their company. I love my Booga Bag. I use it almost every day. I learned a ton about basic bag construction by making myself a Booga Bag. The skillset I got from working her pattern has really informed my ability to freestyle the bags I make now. (Cos, we all know that I'm Not Good With Sticking To Patterns Girl.) What she does though, she has these ideas and it's a whole package from start to finish - yarn choices, stitch count, the math she has to do to make sure the dimensions are right - that's special. That's what she does to put bread on her table. Wrong for this magazine to steal her pattern.

Speaking of bags. Finished the 2nd to last Pekoe bag today. Tried a variation on the flap that I'm really happy with. Instead of rounding it off or doing a point as in other bags, I did a feather and fan (2 repeats per row) but knit the Y/O's twisted, so there's no eyelet there. It just waves across the flap, horizontally. The last two 4 row pattern repeats I knit untwisted, so there is the feathering and fanning like one would normally see. I think thats' going to be really nice once I felt it - the Kureyon color shifts kinda worked out so there's a 4 row repeat per color. Looks planned, but utterly unintentional. I also picked up the strap and knit it right onto the bag, instead of constructing it all after felting. Not sure if that'll work but we'll see, right? I'm sure it'll be just fine. I think this flap idea might be really great in one of the grey or blue colorways, to mimic waves and the ocean.

I'll post a pic once it's felted.

Think I'm gonna knit Kiri next, once that last Pekoe bag is done. And finish my Helene wrap. I've got the 2nd Wildefoote sock also going, but socks are ubiquitous. I don't know as a sock counts as a WIP. It's a sock. Always got one or two on needles these days. Afraid I've run out of enthusiasm for Tempting. Might frog it and use the yarn for something else, a shrug or cardi. *ponders*

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I need to whip out the digital camera and take some pics. I finished the Mango Moon bag for C, have another bag in Noro going on needles. I've got another bag to make for M, a couple to mail out, and that is the last of the Pekoe bags. Done. Fin. I'm very glad for it. I'm pleased with how the Mango Moon bag came out. As per the usual, I winged it totally. Used #9 circs on the body - did it long and narrow in stockinette, so it's more like a clutch shapewise, than a regular square handbag The fabric is pretty sturdy at this gauge. Used #15 straights on the flap - garter stitch, it's very open and lacy. I plan to line the whole thing in some royal blue raw silk that I've had around foreeeeever and then it'll be done. The blue silk will be gorgeous peeking through the lacy flap. Picked up 8 stitches on the side, knit a strap on #8's (very very sturdy) in garter stitch and Bob's yer uncle, one recycled silk Pekoe bag for a wool allergic friend. I'm nervous about the lining. I don't usually line the bags. Hope it doesn't look like shite.

I'm to the flap on the Noro bag on needles. Doing this one in garter stitch, I think, and rounding it off a bit. Not quite sure - we'll see how it adds up. I have a sort of whimsical feel to this one. It really depends on who I am knitting each bag *for*, as to what it ends up being, and this person I'm making it for calls for whimsy.

Sometimes I worry that I'm not a "real" knitter because I never follow the damn patterns for anything. I just... go. But that's how I live, so I guess it's okay. True to type, anyway.

Someone ogled the sock I was knitting tonight at Fred 62. I like Fred 62 because of a few things. 1. BLT sandwiches are really good there. 2. Mac and Cheese is really good there. 3. They have ceramic dog bowls for the patio, so your dog can have water, free of charge. Each dog gets a bowl from the waitress, with fresh water. 4. Great waitresses. 5. Apple bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and caramel. 6. Did I mention, the BLT's? I got into a great knitting discussion last time I was there too. Everyone always asks me, "Oh, is'nt that really trendy now?" and then I want to slap them. Do I look like I'm using duraflame logs and cheap ass novelty yarn to whip out yet another drop stitch skinny scarf? No? No.

While dining, we saw the actor who played Mercutio in the DiCaprio Romeo a few years back, who was on Lost this season, previously of Oz. I think he was there for the kick ass waitresses and maybe some Mac n Cheese. He's smaller in real life than I thought. They usually are. I ogled discreetly from a distance. Like ya do.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I have discovered that Mango Moon sari silk yarn, while delicious and wonderful, is impossible to detangle in the dark, at the beach. I've got this wad of horrifically knotted, sandy, silky yarn vomit in my knitting bag and I'm a little afraid of it. I have also discovered that bringing a project that involves k2/p2 repeats of ribbing to the same dark beach (especially on #0 needles) is really unintelligent as well. You WILL lose track of where you are, you WILL mess it up and you WILL have to tink it the next day and try not to scare the cats with the bad words you are muttering.

Lessons learned: Taking knitting to the beach on the 4th and attempting to work on it after dark with no light while waiting for fireworks to begin is just, teh stupid and you deserve any and all wads of yarn vomit, sand germs and mess that you get.

Sandy. Yarny. Horror.

"Repeat after me. I do not have to bring my knitting everywhere."

"I do not have to... have to.... I'm sorry. I just can't say it. So help me, I CAN TOO bring my yarn anywhere. I have to. Or I might die."

"You have a serious problem."

"I can quit any time. Shut up."

Saturday, July 02, 2005

sock in progress

sock in progress
Originally uploaded by yarnpirate.
when not being hijacked by Very Small Animals, this is what the sock in progress looks like. Wildfoote handpaints on #1s in a sortof, freestyled feather and fan pattern with a column of eyelets between FF repeats.

sleeping bag

sleeping bag
Originally uploaded by yarnpirate.
After a long day of kayaking, doubles as a sleeping bag.


Originally uploaded by yarnpirate.
Tiny Piglet thinks that perhaps kayaking is the order of the day.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.

Two Swans Yarns takes Paypal. Also? They have a wishlist feature. Mine is now... large. Ya think that if you just get RID of the credit cards and STOP going to your local yarn stores, you can kick the habit but these yarn pushers are CRAFTY and they find ways to get at you all the same.

Just say... well, just say yes to yarn pushers, kids.

I can quit any time. I swear.