Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Well... I finished The Sock. Which means, I have cast on for Another Sock. In the same colors of course, so I'll have a matched pair. I'm so proud of myself! My first real sock, made with real sock yarn, in ickle double pointed needles! And did I mention, I figured it all out by myself!

I have learned some Interesting Things. I have learned that when you are increasing, there is a way to do it so that you get a little eyelet, and there is a way to do it so that you don't and you get a nice smooth fabric. Guess which way I did it on the first sock? Yep. You guessed it. I Did It Wrong. However, learning is good and the toe of the second sock has no eyelets where I increased. Go me!

Sock prowess +5

I also apparently have taught myself to do something called a "short row heel" which is different from the way one normally makes heels somehow with flaps and gussets. So I've heard knitters bitch about short rows but since I didn't realize that's what I was doing, I just thought it was a tad fiddly and missed a whole opportunity for ranty drama and yarn angst. Drat.

Intuitive Feng Shui Knitting Fu +5

I really need to get a digital camera. My sock is a work of art. I found a spot where i dropped a @!#$@%@*^& stitch after I'd cast off and was finishing it. Buggery. However, I laddered it up, knotted it inside the sock, wove in the ends and you can't even tell a stitch was ever dropped in that spot.

Yarn Mojo +10

I'm signed up to take a sock making 101 class at A Mano Yarn Center on Thursday morning, but, as is my usual MO, I got impatient, pulled out some yarn and figured it out on my own. So now the quandary is, do I pop for the sock workshop and figure that I'll learn some new tricks and perfect some skills, or do I save the cash? Ah hell, I guess I'll go. For one thing, the ladies at A Mano always have snacks. For another, it is two glorious hours out of my house without my children. And who knows, I'll probably learn something new and knitty. Plus, snacks.

I saw it written once that the way a person knits is the way they approach life. I guess that is somewhat apt. I tend to dive in and get it wrong a lot and keep trying until I get it right. I don't usually follow the directions exactly, I just sort of scan them for a general idea of where I'm supposed to be going and then get creative as the urge strikes me. Feet first, yep. And not quite perfect. Sometimes I get about halfway into something and think "What the HELL was i thinking???" and rip it out and then go in an entirely other direction. I get wild hares and follow them until I've mastered them, then I get bored and have to find a new hare to follow.

Knitting as metaphor for life. It works.

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