Monday, June 27, 2005

This weekend I have been very not At One with my knitting. There was much disastrous lacemaking, er, tangling, er lace-attempting. there was a quasi-successful sock attempt which lasted until I got to the (you guessed it) lace bit, and then had to be ripped out. There was a lot of cursing. Some sign language. A few moments of interpretive dance. There was even some sailing, as in, when the ball of yarn went sailing across the room.

What have I learned from all this?

1. Read the pattern all the way through. Read it again. Then, read the notes again. Then you may pick up your needles and attempt to knit.
2. Swatch. It's not just for overpriced watches anymore. Just.... shut up and knit the swatch, okay?
3. Maybe you should think about cotton instead of mohair and alpaca for initial lace attempts. Or even some nice laceweight wool. Hey, you could even use larger yarn and bigger needles, ya bonehead.
4. Trust that you will get the difference between ssk and k2tog eventually, even though, the way you are doing it, it seems like the same darn thing.
5. Just rip the damn sock out, swatch the pattern flat until you get it right and THEN do it on the dpns in the round. Ya daft bonehead.

It's been a valuable weekend of educational knitting for me here, at Casa de Lace Challenged. meh And the problem is, I'd just say to hell with it, but a friend just sent me oodles and oodles of handpainted laceweight yarn that is luscious and I could never afford it on my own and now I think, I must knit some lace with it. Natch.

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