Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Rich Are Not Like Us

that was interesting... well, The Rich, they are not like us.

I think that these events have potential. A swanky Beverly Hills venue, women's only party with exotic services, amazing food, and music. Our little troop (consisting of dancers, drummer, tarot card reader, henna artist and two massage therapists) was very well received. If some adjustments can be made to amend various issues, I think it could be a very lucrative monthly gig. If it improves, I'm willing to give it a few more chances. Long story made short - there were over 100+ very happy, bejeweled, cultured, very LA nouveau-riche chic guests at the party last night. I did henna for 4 straight hours without a break. The dancers danced for 2 hours straight. The massage therapists worked nonstop. You'd think we'd be drowning in tips, right? Because the organizer had negotiated with our troupe leader for a guaranteed minimum tips of $10 each, per service. Yeah. No. Not so much. I had a woman wearing shoes that cost more than I pay in rent every month grudgingly throw $2 into my tip jar. Some of them stiffed me entirely. Logistics were a nightmare.

Today I am pretty exhausted and aside from finishing the Pekoe bag, I haven't knit anything else. I'd thought I might cast on for the Kimono Shawl but fell asleep instead. I guess you can't knit all the time.

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Susan said...

I've done swanky parties too, reading Tarot. I know this is a big generalization but - The worst tippers, if at all. Won't do it anymore.

Also big on promising to booking their own private parties - never happens, and hardly ever any return clients.