Wednesday, June 15, 2005

patterny stuff....

I took some Wildfoote sock yarn in Forget Me Not - intending to make the Pine Tree Toe Up socks (designed by Kim Salazar, c2000) and decided that I wanted to change it. Of course. Because I don't know as I've ever followed a pattern as written, in my life. The blue yarn reminded me of the ocean and the Pine Tree socks are a sorta foresty pattern so I'm going to get some green to do those, eventually. I opted to do a feather and fan thing because that reminds me of waves.

I figured I probably ought to document what I'm doing in case it works and I like it.

I cast on using the no-graft cast on that Kim uses in her pattern (which she got from a knitter named Judy Gibson's pattern) on #0 5" dpns. The original pattern called for 1's, but I wanted a tighter weave. These are a gift and this person lives in a colder climate part of the year. So I wanted something really tight, warm and something zie could wear under boots.

SO, did the no graft toe thing which rocks (you can find it on wiseneedle, or, just google pine tree toe up socks/kim salazar).

C/O according to the instructions, knit 6 stitches onto each dpns (total of 4)
So you've got 6 knit stitches on each needle for a total of 24.
and then just start increasing like this:
Row 1: m1 at the 2nd stitch of each R needle and 2nd to last stitch of each L needle
Row 2: knit around plain
Row 3: m1 at the second stitch of each R needle and the 2nd to last stitch of each L needle
Row 4: knit around
Continue this until you've got the requisite number of stitches on each dpn (which in this case, ended up being 22 per dpn) at which point, your toe is done. That's basically how it works.

I then quickly realized that it was knitting up really small - I was not going to have a large enough toe at 18 stitches per dpn as the original pattern called for, because I was using smaller needles. So I decided to go up to 22 stitches on each needle. It might be too big. I'm not sure. This is sortof a protosock, we'll see.

In the foot section, I'm doing needles #1/#2 in plain stockinette (the bottom of the foot) so straight knit all the way through.

needles #3/#4 as follows

row 1 - knit plain
row 2 - knit plain
row 3 - k1 2x, k2tog 3x, (y/o, k1) 6x, k2tog 3x, k1 2x
row 4 - k plain
next pattern repeat
row 1 - needle#3 - knit plain for 19 stitches. y/o, k2tog, k1 needle #4 - k1, k2tog, y/o, knit 19 stitches plain. The plan is to have eyelets on that center row which was looking rather boring.
row 2 - knit plain
row 3 - k1 2x, k2tog 3x, (y/o, k1) 6x, k2tog 3x, k1 2x
row 4 - k plain

EDIT: after 4 repeats of the pattern, I decided 22 st. per needle was a little too wide, so decreased the bottom needles 2 st. each . Seems to be working better with 20 st. on needles #1/#2 and 22 st on needles #3/#4.

keep repeating. I figure, about 6 + inches for the foot section and then I can decrease for the heel (which is the hourglass heel in Kim Salazar's pattern, and the most rocking sock heel evar.) and then I'll bring the feather and fan pattern onto all 4 needles and have the eyelet columns between each pattern repeat as well.

We'll see.... *fingers crossed* I'll take some pictures after I get a bit more knit up. This is either going to kick butt or it's going to be lame. But I'll learn something either way, right?

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