Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I frogged my sock, the blue one I was knitting up. It was kind of a horrible mess in the end. Particularly because I was knitting it when my inlaws were all over and my little nephews were very cute and I screwed up the entire heel section while being distracted by a very charming 3 year old. Mental note: when nephews visit, knit something simple in the round. Check However, parts of it worked out great, so I'm going to cast back on from the refined pattern in my notes. I gotta say, my other little 5 m/o nephew, that delicious, squishy, squirmy little bao, has made me want to knit some baby socks in the worst way. I love his dimpled little ankles and want to adorn them with yarn.

This morning, I saw a moth. I have considerable moth anxiety now. I keep eyeing the yarn bins and wondering if they are adequately moth-proof. I have no idea. However, Charlie Bear, the little beige wonder cat, caught and ate the moth. I made him some sauteed scallops in butter to say thank you. Hopefully this will fuel his yen for other moths in the future.

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