Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I am a pathetic fan girl

That's right. I'm a pathetic fan girl. Only instead of squeeeing over pretty gay boys on television, I'm a knitting fan girl. Well, actually, okay, yeah, there is some amount of squeeing over pretty boys, too, I admit it. However. I digress. The point to this is that the Yarn Harlot started this great thing called Knitters Without Borders over at her blog and I think it rocks pretty hard. I haven't donated anything yet, but maybe instead of buying my Kidsilk Haze for Birch next month, I'll donate. Birch can wait a few weeks. Y'all should go read about it. Is a good thing, yo. Zen and groovy.

Knitting fangirl. C'est moi. The Yarn Harlot is not my only daily fix. I also like Booga J's blog and String or Nothing and then there's the Yarnpath and SugarCUBED and oh my, so many good blogs to read. So many knitters to keep up with. It's a wonderful community. I'm glad I've stumbled into it, there is much knowledge to be absorbed. I am currently really excited about Bloglines which I think is a pretty amazing and clever tool for keeping it all sorted out. What will they think of next on the whacky internets?

The one thing about knitting fandom? We don't have any fanfic and I think that's a good thing.

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