Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dear my local beloved yarn store ladies at A Mano,

Forgive me.

See, I was enrolled in your Thursday sockmaking class and then my teenager got up to some unexpected but HILARIOUS hijinks and then I spent the next couple of days dealing with the fallout from said hijinks (did I mention, HILARIOUS??) and then I had the disastrous henna party and all this running around and then I realized that I'd completely flaked on the sockmaking class and hadn't even called. So today, i was totally embarrassed and when I needed to go buy a pair of #8 Brittany needles and some yarn for a birthday present for a friend, I went to the other LYS a few blocks down and got a pair of Takumi needles instead, and the yarn, because I was too chicken to come in and explain what happened because I like you all so much and I'm really embarrassed to be such a pathetic yutz.

Hijinks resulting in extreme flakitude. Have mercy. I will do better next time.

PS: Not really ha ha funny, hilarious. More like, count more grey hairs and try not to lock the little darling in her room till she's 18 kinda hijinks, hilarious.

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